Sep. 27th, 2009 07:39 pm
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There's a gecko on the ceiling and the dog is obsessed with it!

He's kind of cute with his bright eyes and panting anticipation - poor deluded thing :D
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It's Sunday morning and I'm having a nice sit down before heading off to Surf Club. It's only a month till the season starts so we're cleaning the office and sorting out uniforms, stinger suits and swimwear today. I've got the calendar for the next season almost finished and the web page is just about done. We'll be all set to go.

The dog knows I'm going somewhere and is trying to tell me how good he is so I'll take him with me. He hasn't been good. His escape attempts and successes over the last 2 weeks are driving me insane!! Wednesday I came home and found he'd been out all day. He jumped from the backyard into the house via the sunroom window (which I forgot to close), and he jumped out of the house via my bedroom window!!!! He took the whole screen with him when he jumped out my window and I still haven't fixed it :( I was not happy... Apparently he was then down at the local takeaway shop most of the day and nearly got run over by a delivery truck. Sometimes I wonder why I have a dog :)

After a couple of weeks taking vitamin supplements and adding B12 stuff to my diet, my head is starting to feel a lot less fuzzy. I think I can feel the muse trickling back and am trying to finish my (not very long) Chuck/Casey fic. [ profile] evilmaniclaugh has helped me enormously there *hugs her*.

I've missed lots of my flist's birthdays lately. Here's a big virtual and belated hug for all those I've missed. *hugs hugs hugs*
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Have a dog throwing his ball onto the computer at 6.40am?

One!!!!!! *grins*
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The Tsunami threat notice has been cancelled. Apparently the big waves didn't hit the island they were predicted to hit so we've got nothing to worry about! *dances*

Thanks to all those who enquired...


Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:15 am
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We've just been issued with our first Tsunami threat that I can remember!!

I didn't know a thing about it till one of my staff came in and said they'd heard it on the radio...

Really it's only a threat here not a warning - but still I'm going to worry for the next few hours till it's cleared. Because my poor dog is tied up at home and we live only two blocks from the beach.
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The dog has now eaten through his cast! *head desk* I came home from the beach this afternoon and there he was, a big hole right through the bandage, fibreglass cast and down to the bone. It does not look good. It's Sunday, my usual vet's away and the other guy only opens up for snake-bite or something equally horrific. Of course there's nothing resembling a bandage in the house, so the little guy and I got creative. We've wrapped the cast in an old t-shirt and painted it with mosquito repellant, to stop him eating it again.

And tomorrow its back to the vet, am I glad I have pet insurance!

Is it warped that I have pet insurance and no formal health insurance? I'm sure it is. Read more... )

In writing news thanks to all those who filled out my Letters poll. It's given me some ideas, and I'll be working on it soon. For those waiting for Tenderfeet, (you know who you are), I'm really going to try and finish the next chapter. The muse is just stubborn on that one! I'll have plenty of time for thinking and writing on the plane because since today is Sunday - it's only one week till we leave for the States! Yay!!

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We're back from the child's long awaited weekend at the Surf Lifesaving Branch Titles in Bowen. In seems like an awfully long weekend...

We had a good weekend except for some minor problems. I drove the four hour drive on Friday so I wouldn’t have to get up and leave home at four in the morning, not my favourite thing.

We had a great time stopping at all the fruit stalls, buying all the in season fruit and buying bananas that weren’t $12.99 a kilo. I stopped at the local library for a chat and a tour – which means I can write off the mileage and petrol on my tax…

Our Motel was pretty nice. The club books en masse and we got one of the refurbished rooms and had a microwave and all. The little guy was impressed with the scrub turkeys and bush walk and the fact that there was a cove right at the back of our room. We even saw a turtle swimming there. The child woke up at 5.00am and we had to go exploring - but I survived.

My minor problem occurred at home with the dog! He’s an escape artist and after he escaped for possibly the millionth time on Wednesday I decided he’d have to go on a running lead.Read more... )

On Saturday it turned out all the younger members events were all on Sunday, much to everyone’s dismay. My little guy wasn’t too bent out of shape as it meant he could have a play in the stinger net and I got inveigled into being an official for the day!

Read more... )

With the Branch titles over and only one major school event left before we leave, I can now concentrate on our holiday…It’s only 13 days till we leave for the States!

The child’s passport, the problematic one, has arrived. My passport, the straight-forward one hasn’t. If it doesn’t turn up today I have to ring the passport office. Since it’s next to impossible to talk to an actual human there you may have to listen to some ranting about bureaucracy…

I was going to say lots of fic related things too – but shall spare you until later! *evil laugh*
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It’s only one month till I leave for the States! Only one month! I still can’t find my passport and even I am becoming slightly panicked by this. During the great passport hunt though, I’ve found my camera which has been missing for a least a year, and some jewellery.

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Crocodiles have been spotted at Picnic Bay, the place we’re supposed to be going to a surf carnival this weekend.

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The dog has spent the last week escaping from the concentration camp that is my yard. The fence is 6 foot high, I’ve blocked off every possible escape route I can find and he still gets out!

Read more... )

On a happier note – it looks like the powers that be will let us have the coffee vending machine in the library!! A victory that’s taken me two years of nagging, bitching and Machiavelli type manoeuvres to achieve!! *dance*


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