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Anyone else having problems with slow loading/seeing anything?
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I like this idea and though I may not post for every challenge hope to do a few at least.

Today's challenge In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

Three related dribbles amounting to about 600 words total - so I'm counting this as one :D Wiles, Wiley and Wiliness. Firefly, Mal/Jayne. I felt light when I wrote these and think they show they love I had for writing drabbles.

All the things that led to us and the sequel As the sparks fly upward. Chuck, Casey/Chuck. Not long fics, they started me writing in second person POV and I've never really escaped it :D

Ain't leaving. Firefly, Jayne/Kaylee. My OTP in a sad place that periodically I want to go back and clean up, but always ultimately leave it how it is.

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Using a Mac is like learning a new language! But I tell you, when I have money, I'll be buying one for myself. I'm totally converted.

But to my question -

How on earth do I save pics from pic spams etc? I figure making icons is a great way to learn Photoshop, but I need pics to do that with.

Probably it's something really simple :D
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I bought the work MacBook home with me for the 10 day break with the intention of loading the Adobe Master Suite onto it. The morons at IT were supposed to do it, but hadn't and I'm supposed to be teaching people how to use it in January!!

So I've loaded the software, (Boy I was I nervous the licence cost so much and it's work stuff - so nervous), and now I'm going to try and use Photoshop. I used Paintshop for years, so hopefully it's similar.

Do any of you, my knowledgable flisters, know how to use the Adobe Bridge function in Photoshop? Or Premiere? I have to teach people both (or all) who knows. I'm not going to let such an expensive piece of software go unused.

Any tips or tricks are welcome :) There may be virtual hugs available :D
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I didn't write much this year. The muse is still mostly dead. I wonder if I could find one of Miracle Max's pills somewhere?

Here's a list of stories, mostly drabbles, I've written this year -

Interlude, Star Trek AOS, Jim/Bones

Places of the heart, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

Gone and a cloud in my heart, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny

The getting of wisdom, Hawaii Five-0, Danny, Joe White

For next year I really want to finish my Jim/Bones Western AU and at least some of the snippets of fics I have littering the portable hard drive :)

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It's time for my summer time whining...

My yard is currently somewhat overgrown.

I haven't been keeping up very well with the gardening over the last couple of months. I had some weird problem with my eyes that entailed taking tablets that warned about susceptibility to sunlight. Susceptibility wasn't quite right - I burned like a burning thing if in the sun for longer than five minutes. Since I live in the tropics I felt very vampirish and didn't spend much time in the sunlight if I could help it. Read more... )

So I came inside to freak out about snakey and found that the frogs are back in the toilet again! Now I like frogs, and am happy to see that the cane toads haven't taken over completely, but I do not like them being in the toilet! Read more... )

Honestly sometimes I wonder if nature is all it's cracked up to be...

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I'm reading bit by bit in Yuletide and here is my first rec -

I know nothing about Michael Fassbender and even less about some Tumblr site about him and pugs but this story is awesomely brilliant.

Checkout Owned to read a Pug's eye view of the world...

An update

Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:06 pm
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Most of the comms I frequent and my flisters are still on LJ. But just in case... I'm bookaddict43 on Dreamwidth and Archive of our own as well. So original!

I try to remember to import to Dreamwidth at least every couple of days :) And am slowly uploading fic to AO3.

Thanks to all of you who replied to my last post. You all made me feel better. *hugs flist*
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I am around, but my computer is still dead and reading and commenting on the iPod limits me somewhat!

But I'll need something to do during the upcoming 10 days off. Especially when the weather is at 87-95% humidty and the daily temp is 35 (95) or higher.


Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.
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I missed signing up for Yuletide :(

I know it's a little thing, but after the year I've had it's really disappointing.

With my computer being down, I had to wait till I got to work to sign-up and it being Monday and busy; I didn't get to my computer till 2 hours after sign-up.

Oh well. I made it a step closer this year and actually nominated my fandoms. So I'll start thinking about next year and edge ever closer!

Does anyone know if you can write treats if you're not signed up?
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Isn't it strange? After saying I may not post too often, a few hours later I'm posting again!!

Anyway cross your fingers for me. I'm sending off two more job applications tomorrow.

One is for a job that sounds interesting and pays a tiny bit more than what I'm currently paid. This job is in Townsville which is only (?) 110kms away, so not far to move if I'm lucky enough to get it.

The other job sounds awesome and I could do it standing on my head and the pay is about $30K more than I'm getting now. This one is in Brisbane 1498 kms away and everyone will apply for it. I'll need lots of luck to even get an interview.

There is another job coming up eventually. The original rumour was July, then August and now it's November and it's still not advertised. I'm considering ringing and asking if I can submit an Expression of Interest since this is the job I really want. What do you think flisters - is that a sensible idea?

But right now I don't care which one I get. I just want to move away and live somewhere that has more people, is by the sea and is closer to some of my family.

*sad face*

Nov. 20th, 2011 08:36 am
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Well I think my computer, which has been limping along for the past six months, has finally bitten the dust.

There were 6 blue screens in a row last night and this morning I get a message that it won't recognise the hard drive and the compy just keeps rebooting :(

I'm using the LG's computer at the moment (he's asleep!) but it doesn't have any of my programs on it and strangely enough I would prefer he use it for his school work. I'm so broke this year I don't know when I can get one for myself.

Of course this would happen when I'm contemplating Yuletide, reccing at [ profile] crack_van and want to do things!!

So if my attention is sporadic for the next few weeks you will know why!
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So the awesome [ profile] elfsausage had a post about current crushes and I thought that'd be cool! Instead my picspam has turned into current/recurring crushes + swords.

For those new to my flist I'll point out this post about my abiding love of sword fight movies and continue on with the pics which are behind a cut because there's lots!Read more... )

Who are your crushes? More pics in the comments are sooooo welcome :D
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This is a work in progress since I haven't actually signed up yet!

Hi there Author!

This is my first year participating in Yuletide and I haven't a clue what I'm doing! If you're reading this it means we like some of the same things and have been matched up. Yay!

Truthfully I'll be glad to receive a fic from any of the fandoms I've listed and look forward to reading it :D

Here's a few details about likes and dislikes.

I like gen, slash and het. I'm not a big fan of dub-con, but don't mind it if it's done well. Non-con is a no, as is under-age (u16) sex. Aside from that I love hurt/comfort, humour, romance, adventure...anything really!

Fandoms -

Billabong series - I love the books in this series and just want to read something from this 'Verse. Yes I know how racist, paternalistic, homophobic and OMG wrong they are, but I read them as a child and have a child's memory of them. All I saw was the Station, the horses and dogs and friendship.

I like the bromance between Jim and Wally and would love to read something from their years at school. Alternatively a glimpse at everyone years after the last book or more Norah and Wally romance. Please no racism or homophobic ideas like the books,

Moonlight - Mick St John is a favourite with me. His relationship with Beth at the end of the series had many possibilities and I'd love to see them explored. Alternatively a look at a case that Mick had in the years before he met Beth.

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The list of Yuletide fandoms is up and apparently sign-ups start tomorrow. My nominations were accepted at least, but now I have to decide whether to particpate or not.

I know [ profile] itinerant_vae usually writes. Is anyone else going to try it??
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I'm still pondering the possibility of particpating in Yuletide. I've actually written and posted a couple of things this last month, so I'm cautiously optimistic...possibly :)

In the spirit of trying to figure out how Yuletide works, I've been watching the replies to this post which asks what people may nominate. So I've added my obscure list to the pile and post it here so I can find it again! :DD

Billabong series (Australian children's books)
1. Norah Linton
2. Jim Linton
3. Wally Meadows
4. Brownie

To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis
1. Ned Henry
2. Verity Kindle
3. Lady Schrapnell
4. Princess Arjumand

Rush (Australian TV series)
1. Stella
2. Kerry
3. Josh

Others I'd love to nominate or see - An infamous army - Georgette Heyer, Moonlight TV series, Robin of Sherwood TV series, Straight by Dick Francis
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Title: The getting of wisdom
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Danny, Joe White
Rating: G
Word count: 518
Beta: Beta'ed by the gorgeous [personal profile] lvs2read
Comment: A tag to episode 2.06 because I thought it was a bit much Joe laying the guilt trip a bit thick. Danny gives Joe a lecture.


Joe trudged wearily up the walk. He was looking forward to just sitting and not thinking. Maybe a beer would come into the equation, and some mindless television watching. Anything to forget the day he’d had.

“Where do you get off…?”

The unexpected voice behind him had Joe turning quickly, but he relaxed as he saw Danny Williams leaning against the door jamb. Maybe he was getting old. First Wo Fat snuck up on him and now Danny?

While Joe appreciated Danny’s detective instincts and his professionalism, he hadn’t attributed any kind of stealth abilities to the man. But that wasn’t the point right now. “What?” he asked as he tried to remember whether he’d ever told Danny where he was living.

“Where do you get off telling Steve he’s responsible for that old man’s death?”

“I said wewere responsible.” Joe shook his head in bemusement at Danny’s apparent knowledge. “How do you…?”

“Do you think he actually listened to that? Do you?” Danny was off and ranting. But it wasn’t the ranting that Joe had observed with Steve. There was no humor and very little softness in the man’s eyes right now. He was glaring at Joe, finger already pointing. His body was coiled and tense and Joe was suddenly a lot more wary of Steve’s partner than he had been before.

“I thought you knew him. If you really did, you’d know he feels guilty about everything and worries all the time he’s not doing the right thing. And of course I know what’s going on! Did you think it was a secret? Are you forgetting I was investigating John McGarrett even before Steve was? Who do you think was there when Steve was going through that box? Me, Chin and Kono, that’s who! We’ve been with him every step of the way and don’t load unnecessary guilt trips on his shoulders if we can help it.”

Danny paused and thrust his face closer to Joe’s. “While I appreciate your help when Steve was on the run, I don’t appreciate what you’re doing to him now. If you know what his father was up to. If you even have any idea; you tell him now. Don’t leave him guessing and worrying. Stop turning him back into some repressed soldier. And stop trying to cut us, his friends, out of things. We want what’s best for him. I’m starting to wonder about you.”

“Danny,” Joe held up a placating hand. “You…”

“Need to calm down?” Danny questioned. “I do not need to calm down. I need for you to stop lying to Steve and to start treating him like the son you call him. If you can’t do that – then leave. No more stalling evidence, no more guilt trips. I’m not standing by any longer and letting you call the shots. So get used to it buddy.”

He whirled and stomped to the door delivering his parting shot over his shoulder. “Call him up now! Make things better!”

Joe snapped to attention involuntarily and stared at the slammed door for a moment before pulling out his phone…

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Title: The getting of wisdom
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Danny, Joe White
Rating: G
Word count: 518
Beta: Beta'ed by the gorgeous [ profile] lvs2read
Comment: A tag to episode 2.06 because I thought it was a bit much Joe laying the guilt trip a bit thick. Danny gives Joe a lecture.

Read more... )
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The new movie is out soon. I love this film version. Who am I kidding? I love every version...

Anyway Here's a link to some trailers.


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