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It's Sunday morning and I'm having a nice sit down before heading off to Surf Club. It's only a month till the season starts so we're cleaning the office and sorting out uniforms, stinger suits and swimwear today. I've got the calendar for the next season almost finished and the web page is just about done. We'll be all set to go.

The dog knows I'm going somewhere and is trying to tell me how good he is so I'll take him with me. He hasn't been good. His escape attempts and successes over the last 2 weeks are driving me insane!! Wednesday I came home and found he'd been out all day. He jumped from the backyard into the house via the sunroom window (which I forgot to close), and he jumped out of the house via my bedroom window!!!! He took the whole screen with him when he jumped out my window and I still haven't fixed it :( I was not happy... Apparently he was then down at the local takeaway shop most of the day and nearly got run over by a delivery truck. Sometimes I wonder why I have a dog :)

After a couple of weeks taking vitamin supplements and adding B12 stuff to my diet, my head is starting to feel a lot less fuzzy. I think I can feel the muse trickling back and am trying to finish my (not very long) Chuck/Casey fic. [ profile] evilmaniclaugh has helped me enormously there *hugs her*.

I've missed lots of my flist's birthdays lately. Here's a big virtual and belated hug for all those I've missed. *hugs hugs hugs*

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I love a good, relaxing Sunday morning with time to ramble on LJ. Good for you... and glad to hear you are feeling better.


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