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Thanks to [ profile] weepingnaiad for the lovely sunflower and hugs! *hugs back*

6 1/2 months since Cyclone Yasi and the builders are finally here! Without any notice I might add. Oh I knew they were coming, but did expect to have a little time beforehand to clear out the mess in the sheds and maybe pick up all my fallen branches. But on Tuesday morning I got a call at work from the builder who was sitting out the front of my place. He asked if he could start work and I was all 'yes, yes! Please yes!'

So they've finished the veranda, carport and patio roofs and are in the middle of replacing my sheds. It's awesome! The carport roof is probably 200% nicer than the original and the half-built shed is not rusty :)

[ profile] space_wrapped is gearing up for the coming winter celebrations. I wonder if I could actually finish something?


Apr. 3rd, 2010 10:19 am
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I now have holidays for the next three weeks! *jumps up and down* One of those weeks is State Titles week for the LG, so technically not a holiday, but still I'll be on a break.

Hopefully during that time, I'll be working like crazy on my [ profile] reel_merlin fic. I can actually hear it in my head. It's a long time since that happened.

I can never understand anon communities. Read more... )

It's nearly time to go out to the garden and slash at a ton of trees. One disadvantage of living in the tropics is that everything grows insanely fast and I spend half my life outside cutting down vines and tree branches.

Another disadvantage is that chocolate must be kept in the fridge. This makes hiding Easter eggs extremely difficult. Of course the LG, now 12 and not so little, doesn't really need the eggs to be hidden, but it's tradition!!!

The last couple of days a lovely person has been commenting on some of my old fic. This bolsters my faltering fic writing ego and is so encouraging. I really have to stop lurking and comment on people's stories. I used to comment on everything Firefly, but have become quite the stalker in the Merlin and Star Trek fandoms. In fact I might go comment on some of those Star Trek fics which people are bashing *sticks out tongue at bashers*.

See you soon! :DD
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It was a burn-the-feet-on-the-sand weekend at the beach this weekend. The weather was hot, hot, hot; the sky was clear and the water calm. It was lovely :)

The brain fuzzies have been back again over the last couple of weeks. So if I've missed commenting on your posts - forgive me?? I seem to be improving again, but still need to go have more blood tests. Not my favourite thing...

I have a question for my Merlin flisters - Since I've signed up for [ profile] reel_merlin, I'm going to need a beta for my fic. *looks hopeful* Someone to bounce ideas off would be nice too. Anyone up for it? I thought I'd ask here first before posting at [ profile] merlin_betas. I'm going to write a fic based on Total Recall.

At work we had several visits this week from booksellers. I loooove looking at, and choosing new books. This is one of the best parts of the job :) As well as buying books for work, I ordered a lovely hard cover copy of Connie Willis's new book Blackout!! Eeeeeeeeeee! I love her books and this one is set in her Oxford time travel 'verse that I adore.

If you have never read them - check out 'The Domesday book' and 'To say nothing of the dog'. They're both awesome books and despite being having some of the same characters are totally different in atmostphere.


Mar. 4th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Tomorrow is my RDO (rostered day off) which means I don't have to put my shoes on! I'll have 3 days without shoes!! *dances happily* Shoes + my feet = blisters and for the last two summers I've yet to achieve nirvana for my feet, aka no blisters. It doesn't matter how expensive, or cheap the dumb things are...I still get blisters. I should have bought stock in the bandaid company. I'd be rich and could stay home and write fic all day. The current shoes I'm wearing to work are the best of a bad lot. I only acquire 3 blisters from wearing them. Today I managed to get a blister from the bandaids. *sigh* As soon as the temperature goes under 28 (80) for more than a day (probably another 2 months yet), I'll be digging out my half-boots for six months of non-blistery bliss :)

Does the LJ search function give you the shits? Since the changes, it's impossible to search for comms and journals.

I complained to Telsta about my internet speed and the actually fixed it! I'm now on a faster speed plan for no extra price. I can actually watch a 4 minute fanvid without it stopping six times in the first minute.

After reccing Firefly at [ profile] crack_van last month, this month it's Magnificent Seven time! That's the second time that's happened. And speaking of recs, don't forget to join [ profile] fireflyrecs and tell us about your favourite fics, vids or whatever :D So far [ profile] lvs2read and I are the only ones that have posted.
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I've made it through the second round of [ profile] merlin_ldws! This amazes me since I had doubts about both my drabbles. But I'm pleased because I actually wrote and posted two fics in two weeks! Cross your fingers I keep going :) I think I shall post them to my journal soon.

I'm considering a change to my journal page. Though I loooooove my Jaylee header, maybe it's time for a change? It is a very long time since I made any changes. But on the other hand...

The LG was sick today and after attending a 'must attend' meeting I came home to mind him. We have had a surfiet of day time and children's tv as a consequence :) My personal favourite is Shaun the sheep. I love that show! :DD It's always good for a laugh.

This last year I've been totally remiss and missed many many birthdays! I apologise flist - I'm still here and love you all! *hugs madly*
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I finally managed to get some mangoes that either the birds or bats haven't eaten! They're yummy too *mmmmmmmm*. Even though the crop isn't half as good as last year, I'll still be freezing some in the end. Mangoes for a whole year! *bounces* I still have some frozen from last year and am contemplating making chutney with them...because I have 4 glorious weeks off!!!!!!!

So maybe I'll catch up with the beta'ing I owe poor [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowritings. I feel so guilty ladies, that I haven't finished this. Life has just caught up with me the last few months :(

But right now I'm madly trying to finish my big bang fic - there's two days left of the week I'm supposed to post it in! Cross your fingers for me? *begs*

This year I am waaay too broke and disorganised to be sending cards :( But I love my flisters, so post a prompt and fandom I write and I'll write you something.

And just to remind you...behind the cut is the [ profile] serenity_santa info. We have 4 or 5 sign-ups so far but could do with more :D Read more... )


Nov. 19th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I still don't have a name for my big bang fic - woe!

The LG when not able to sleep but banned to his bedroom chose to watch Rio Bravo as his DVD :D He's so indoctrinated...

The LG had his intra-small school swimming carnival today and did his personal best time in all four strokes. *beams pridefully*

My mother, who is 84 this year, went to her first ever make-up party! She made me laugh with her description of how the younger (60ish) ladies got their colours done :D She had her skin moisturised, but drew the line at anything else.

There's only 1 week of work left till I have 4 weeks off! *dances*

It looks like I might be running [ profile] serenity_santa after all. I truly thought there wouldn't be any interest.
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It's Sunday morning and I'm having a nice sit down before heading off to Surf Club. It's only a month till the season starts so we're cleaning the office and sorting out uniforms, stinger suits and swimwear today. I've got the calendar for the next season almost finished and the web page is just about done. We'll be all set to go.

The dog knows I'm going somewhere and is trying to tell me how good he is so I'll take him with me. He hasn't been good. His escape attempts and successes over the last 2 weeks are driving me insane!! Wednesday I came home and found he'd been out all day. He jumped from the backyard into the house via the sunroom window (which I forgot to close), and he jumped out of the house via my bedroom window!!!! He took the whole screen with him when he jumped out my window and I still haven't fixed it :( I was not happy... Apparently he was then down at the local takeaway shop most of the day and nearly got run over by a delivery truck. Sometimes I wonder why I have a dog :)

After a couple of weeks taking vitamin supplements and adding B12 stuff to my diet, my head is starting to feel a lot less fuzzy. I think I can feel the muse trickling back and am trying to finish my (not very long) Chuck/Casey fic. [ profile] evilmaniclaugh has helped me enormously there *hugs her*.

I've missed lots of my flist's birthdays lately. Here's a big virtual and belated hug for all those I've missed. *hugs hugs hugs*
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What is tax day? *is puzzled*

All the people signing up with Dreamwidth are you gonna post at LJ too? *wibbles and clutches flist*.

We saw 4 beautiful Jabirus yesterday on the way home and I didn't have my camera!

No-one has posted a drabble for our 5 year celebration at [ profile] firefly100 :(

Why do people ask about chickens crossing the road? It should be turtles...

Dumb turtles who leave a perfectly good creek or waterhole to cross the road to another waterhole. Turtles who wait to cross the road so an 11 year old wildlife expert sees them and expects his mother to stop the car on a dime to pick them up. Turtles who stink to high heaven in the car and bite the hand that saves them.

I think I might need therapy :)
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I'm depressed so I'm doing memes...

This one is from way back in February!

Comment to this post and I will (try to) give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] strangevisitor7 gave me these...Elaborations follow )
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We're back from our little trip down south and pleased to be home. It took me two days to recover from my endless trips up and down the sand, but we did have great fun. The little guy enjoyed the real waves immensley and he and his friend got some good experience of their first state titles. The place I picked to stay was awesome, it was close to everything and reasonably priced. I'm thinking we might take my mother there for a holiday at the end of the year...I was hoping to go on the Second Browncoat cruise but...

When I hadn't heard anything, I suspected it; but I've just had an email confirming the 2nd Firefly/Browncoat cruise is cancelled :(

The first reason was the current financial crisis which I understand; but the second reason was the perception of possible lack of safety in Mexico? I haven't heard anything about Mexico on the World news - can anyone enlighten me?

It's doubtful whether I would have had the money I guess (though for OS trips I usually can scrape and save :)), because I've just bought a new car. After years of cramming stuff into my little Yaris, I've given in and bought myself a dual cab ute (truck). It's so big! I'm still getting used to parking it and it won't fit under the decorative fascia on the carport. So I'm going out there with a crowbar to see if I can remove it! :D

I've switched the car to the house loan, so even though it's a more expensive car I'm saving $164 a fortnight! Time to save!! That is if the Little guy's sporting endeavours don't send me broke...
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In Adelaide it was 45 degrees today (114 farenheit) and although it wasn't that hot here the humidity was at 91% and it's still raining. In this month alone our part of the country has had about 500 mm(35 inches approx)of rain. Of course this is playing havoc with the roads, and the little guy is angsting because the Surf Club branch titles are this weekend. Since the titles are at least 3 hours drive away along a very wet road, they may yet be cancelled. Last year I drove home from the very same titles with water up to the car doors and have no desire to repeat that :D

In other rambles:

Read more... ) I also notice how sure of myself I was back then. I'd write something, be satisfied with it and post. Today I read and re-read and cut and paste and never post at all - oh for the days of innocence...
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Getting the school newsletter the other day reminded me how close we are to the end of the school year. Read more... )

Today is my day off- Lovely thought - and I had hoped to sit around catching up on the last 2 episodes of Chuck and I've left my USB at work!!!!!! *sniffs* Also the LG has invited god knows how many (actually 5) children around for a water bomb fight tomorrow, and the house needs cleaning! I don't want to clean the house *pouts*. I didn't want 5 children coming around either on our first Saturday home with no committments for weeks, but the plans had already been made! Much talking about parental rights ensued!! :D


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