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I'm reading bit by bit in Yuletide and here is my first rec -

I know nothing about Michael Fassbender and even less about some Tumblr site about him and pugs but this story is awesomely brilliant.

Checkout Owned to read a Pug's eye view of the world...
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I missed signing up for Yuletide :(

I know it's a little thing, but after the year I've had it's really disappointing.

With my computer being down, I had to wait till I got to work to sign-up and it being Monday and busy; I didn't get to my computer till 2 hours after sign-up.

Oh well. I made it a step closer this year and actually nominated my fandoms. So I'll start thinking about next year and edge ever closer!

Does anyone know if you can write treats if you're not signed up?
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The list of Yuletide fandoms is up and apparently sign-ups start tomorrow. My nominations were accepted at least, but now I have to decide whether to particpate or not.

I know [ profile] itinerant_vae usually writes. Is anyone else going to try it??
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I'm still pondering the possibility of particpating in Yuletide. I've actually written and posted a couple of things this last month, so I'm cautiously optimistic...possibly :)

In the spirit of trying to figure out how Yuletide works, I've been watching the replies to this post which asks what people may nominate. So I've added my obscure list to the pile and post it here so I can find it again! :DD

Billabong series (Australian children's books)
1. Norah Linton
2. Jim Linton
3. Wally Meadows
4. Brownie

To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis
1. Ned Henry
2. Verity Kindle
3. Lady Schrapnell
4. Princess Arjumand

Rush (Australian TV series)
1. Stella
2. Kerry
3. Josh

Others I'd love to nominate or see - An infamous army - Georgette Heyer, Moonlight TV series, Robin of Sherwood TV series, Straight by Dick Francis

another rec

Jan. 2nd, 2011 10:23 pm
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I've raved before about how much I like Connie Willis' books. One of my particular favourites is Bellwether so I was pleased to find there was a Yuletide fic based on the book.

Check out The opposite of swarb by Ankaret. Even if you've never read Bellwether, I think anyone who writes or reads fanfic and has been in fandom will appreciate it :D
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I'm slowly reading my way through the Yuletide offerings and as usual I start with Shakespeare and Hamlet.

Check out This above all - to thy own self be true, Hamlet/Horatio. I love the use of the language here and Horatio's thoughts behind the action of the play.

Keeping watch, Horatio/Marcellus. The story is post the play and told from Macellus' POV. Beautiful stuff :D
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I'm slowly trolling my way through the Yuletide offerings for this year and will probably give you lots more recs eventually. But for now check this one out Killing Elvis - a fic from the Alien fandom.


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