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It's the first soccer game of the season and of course I need shin pads. After rummaging through the shoe pile I found 7 different types!. How many pairs were there? 1!

1 out of 7! I wonder where all the stray shin pads are? Perhaps I could make a sculpture with all the lonely ones? :D


Jun. 7th, 2008 08:56 am
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More about the gas bottles. The plumber rang yesterday and they can't replace the part till possibly Tuesday! It's only Saturday today.

Since my washing machine only works with the hot water on, I'm lucky my neighbour let me use hers and her shower too! Having a cold shower (in what passes for winter here) before going out yesterday didn't make me happy :)

The upside I guess is; we won't be here Sunday and Monday. It's a long weekend so we've got a soccer carnival up north of us, which means a night at a motel - and hot water! *dances* I like hot water...
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[ profile] ladytalon1 sent me some virtual jelly beans! *hugs her* They're the best kind 'cause they're pretty and I don't put on weight eating them...

Woot is because our team won the soccer final! *bounce* We are currently very proud of our aged selves :) I was just very glad that, after 3 weeks absence, I managed to actually play! *bounces*


Nov. 10th, 2007 02:52 pm
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I'm sitting here with a heat pack on my leg and frying because it's about 90 degrees out there. Why you ask?

Because I have sciatica.

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Also real life is bugging me - I have too many things to do and not enough time to spend talking to my friends(I missed [ profile] ladytalon1 on MSN twice now *sobs*), writing fanfic, reading and doing nothing. Here follows a picture of a fairly regular Friday (yesterday) I'm mainly writing this down to see if I can improve on the rushed aspect of it all, so don't read it if you don't want to :DD...Read more... )
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Yes it's six-a-side soccer season for the adults again and our team is setteling in for the next 3 months. They stuck us in the over 30s age-group this year which didn't please us much. But we have fun and get some exercise which is the major goal for us...

The goal is probably my only one of the season - but Yay! I didn't fall over either, which is a record for me and my glasses let me tell you :D
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The little guy has an 8.00pm soccer game. (What fool schedules a soccer game for a bunch of 9 year olds at that time?) So we did the grocery shopping and came back to work for dinner and a play on the computer. I had visions of writing something for the [ profile] several_ways challenge and the little guy wanted to beat his score on some weird internet game.

We had dinner, sat down at the computer, I wrote 67 words and the gorramn fire alarm went off!

The alarm just doesn't go off like a regular alarm. Oh no. There has to be the whole hue and cry. There's an the alarm bell, the alarm horn and a voice that repeats every 20 seconds that you must evacuate the building. You can hear the alarms and see the lights for a four block radius in our quiet country town night. *sigh*

Needless to say, the little guy and I grabbed the keycard and left. The folks from the cinema next door were out in force, all the evening joggers stopped and of course all had to ask me if we'd set it off...We aim to entertain and enlighten even when closed!

The Fire guys finally arrived 20 deafening minutes later (the station's a 1 minute drive away) and then spent another 20 minutes securing the building. I'm still at 67 words and the little guy and I are engaged in our familiar fight called 'get your soccer gear on or I'm going home....'


Jul. 29th, 2007 09:32 pm
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We've been to soccer today and I'm exhausted.

It's such a production! We left home at 6.15am and got home at 6.45pm. Both our teams won their pools, playing 3 games each and ended up having to play each other in the final. Sensible heads prevailed and they didn't play and shared the final trophy instead. I took a photo of our winning teams - it's not that great because it's from my camera - but here it is :-Read more... )

Brain dead

Oct. 14th, 2006 11:58 am
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We've finished day one of the 1st surf carnival of the season! Yay!! But now I'm sort of dead. I have ideas for my fics but can't write them, so I'm reading, commenting and rambling instead...

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Once my brain deadness is over I shall finish that thing for [ profile] squish_67 *grins* and do the beta-ing for [ profile] jayneswoman - sorry for the delay!! And hopefully write another chapter for Them That Choose it etc. etc.

For those familiar with MJ Phillips Firefly artwork. He's just opened up an online store to sell it And I think [ profile] cantonheroine, should do something similar - your work is fantastic after all!!
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[ profile] bookishtype and I are playing soccer against each other tomorrow night! Be ready for tales of derring-do from us!!

Since their team is in general about 20 years younger than ours, our pride is going to be at stake and we will be trying hard to win.

Unfortunately we've already promised colleagues we won't resort to fisticuffs, but I can try scare tactics. *nods head* Except strangely enough [ profile] bookishtype isn't scared of me....
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I love playing soccer, but sometimes I wonder why I do. Every year I manage one or two injuries. Last night I had four! Four!! I think that’s my quota for the year!

First I slipped while stopping the ball and managed to injure two sides of the same knee, knocking open an old scar and bleeding everywhere. They made me go off till the bleeding was under control…

Then I copped a ball straight in the breasts – Ouch!! And another in the genitals – Bigger ouch!!

Then to top things off I put my foot in a depression and gave my ankle a twist. And worst of all – we lost. 2 – 0

When I finally limped home and had a shower, put the child to bed etc I realised that I’d claimed a chapter of Tenuous. I did that last week too!! Sometimes I wonder where my brain has gone *Grins*

Anyway I posted my chapter though I’m not happy with it. Please go and read and either reassure or yell at me…The link

Edit: I just checked and people liked my chapter *dances*. So you can ignore my insecure rambles if you like!!
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I've patched the picnic blanket yet again and remembered to put it and my chair in the car. (a real accomplishment!)

The child's shin guards and boots are in the bag, the muffins are made and I found the thermos. The eski is in the kitchen waiting to be filled and the water bottles are in the freezer.

There's a book for me to read and my notebook in case the muse hits and I found the street in the directory and put sunblock and mosquito repellant in the bag. All I have to do is set the alarm and I'm ready! *dances*

We're off to soccer tomorrow.......


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