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Realisation Merlin, Arthur

Dreaming reality Gwen

Trust issues Arthur, Uther, Gaius

Needs must Arthur, Merlin (pre-slash), Gwaine

Needs must

Nov. 29th, 2010 10:14 pm
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Fandom: Merlin
Character: Arthur, Merlin,(pre-slash) Gwain
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 300
Comment: I wrote something! Only a drabble, but something. Very much influenced by a small scene in the last episode of Merlin and stuck in second person POV as usual.


“It’s Gwain!” Merlin says, with that happy lilt in his voice and you roll your eyes in exasperation.

You know he will not pay any attention to your caveats. He never does. He just goes merrily on his way trusting everyone that he talks to.

At least Gwain seems better than most. He is courageous, can fight well and though you do not entirely trust him, he appears to be loyal.

You are well aware however, that his loyalty is not really focused on you. You are just an adjunct. The man is devoted to Merlin.

And Merlin…though he never greets you as he does Gwain, will follow you anywhere; do anything you ask, summon up all his ridiculous courage and lay down his life for you. So while you resent, to the very fibre of your soul, Gwain’s appearance at Merlin’s side; you will rely on it.

Because should you be absent, should your manservant get himself into serious trouble, you know he will be protected and cared for. Gwain is a formidable opponent and will pay no attention to legalities or rights and wrongs. You believe him aware of Merlin’s abilities, (really how could anyone ever miss them? Merlin is far from subtle) even if he does not speak of them. Love does strange things to a fellow. No matter how much he tries to avoid it.

Shrugging, you accept Gwain’s offer to assist, and exchange glances with him behind Merlin’s back. You are both relieved and regretful when he nods, you dislike sharing Merlin’s attention with anybody; particularly someone who could take him away from you. But you would dislike Merlin hurt even more, so you swallow your pride, nod back in acquiescence and hope that your manservant never has to turn to anyone...other than you.

WIP meme

Nov. 21st, 2010 12:19 am
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Stolen from the lovely [ profile] romankate.

Post the first line of current works in progress and ask flisters to post theirs and then link in the comments.

This may be the only way my fics will see the light of day...

Read more... )

There are other, older wips that I really want to finish. But I'll spare you them this time.
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I'm out, after round #3 of [ profile] merlin_ldws. But I'm fine with that, there was some awesome drabbles this week. I was just pleased I actually got my fics in on time and wrote something.

It kind of encouraged me :) So I've signed up for [ profile] reel_merlin. *wibbles* Last year when I got sucked into the Merlin fandom, the reel_merlin fics were some of the first I read; and I was seized with the mad desire to write a Merlin/Arthur version of Totall Recall!!

The idea has been kicking around the back of my brain ever since - and now I've signed up. I've got till the end of May to write the draft and stunningly I already have some notes written. Let's hope I can keep it up...

Wish me luck! :DD
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Title: Dreaming reality
Fandom: Merlin
Author: Bookaddict
Characters: Gwen
Word count: 300
Comment: Written for [ profile] merlin_ldws. The challenge - Characters: Morgana & Gwen,
Prompt: Dreams Read more... )
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Title: Realisation
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, pre-slash
Rating: PG
Word count: 112
Notes: Written for [ profile] merlin_ldws. The challenge was to write about Arthur discovering Merlin's magic. As you can see I'm still stuck in the 2nd person POV :)Read more... )
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I've made it through the second round of [ profile] merlin_ldws! This amazes me since I had doubts about both my drabbles. But I'm pleased because I actually wrote and posted two fics in two weeks! Cross your fingers I keep going :) I think I shall post them to my journal soon.

I'm considering a change to my journal page. Though I loooooove my Jaylee header, maybe it's time for a change? It is a very long time since I made any changes. But on the other hand...

The LG was sick today and after attending a 'must attend' meeting I came home to mind him. We have had a surfiet of day time and children's tv as a consequence :) My personal favourite is Shaun the sheep. I love that show! :DD It's always good for a laugh.

This last year I've been totally remiss and missed many many birthdays! I apologise flist - I'm still here and love you all! *hugs madly*
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I actually survived the first round of [ profile] merlin_ldws, a drabble writing competition! And better still I managed a second drabble O__O

So go check out the Voting and vote for your favourite!
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I have lots more things to say about Merlin and some of the lovely fic I've been reading. But I have to go clean the house before trying obsessively to finish my Big Bang fic and wanted to share this story...


And because Arthur was raised by Uther and therefore has no idea how to handle his emotions, he blurts out, "You can't be a sorcerer because I -- say so! And you're a fucking twat! What sorcerer comes to Camelot and works for a house that condemns magic-users to death?! God, you're so stupid, Merlin! I mean that sincerely! You walk around with that stupid rope and you're all, "la la la I'm still alive even though by all rights I should be dead ten-thousand times over because I have no self-preservation to speak of and I'm a shoddy dresser' --"


"Shoddy dresser! And you're a sorcerer! That's the worst thing you could possibly be! Why couldn't you have been a bard, or a candlestick maker, or a half-decent manservant, or a prostitute? A prostitute would have been better! You know why? Because my father doesn't have prostitutes hacked at the neck!"

Most young men his age would have said "I love you" better.

Merlin gawks at him, because what do you say to that?

"I am not a shoddy dresser! And you're forgetting that I'm a wizard! A powerful, powerful wizard who could turn you into a birch tree with a thought!" That's what you say.

Arthur pales and resists the urge to stamp his foot (it's a near thing). "I hate birch trees!"**

Read and enjoy the lovely crack by [ profile] mclachland Geoffrey of Monmouth was a liar, but that's ok
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Ooops! I had a bit of a hiatus there! 4 days without more than a few words written :( And I had all day off from work yesterday too *sighs*. But at least I've got something down today - 400 more words of the big bang fic and another 410 words of what is supposed to be a Merlin crack fic. Except I'm not sure of the crackiness of what I've written!

So here it is, 410 words of possible Merlin fic...Read more... )

Icon post

Oct. 30th, 2009 12:33 pm
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14 icons of Bradley James as himself or Arthur from Merlin. All icons are snaggable, and as usual textless icons are not bases.

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Sep. 11th, 2009 07:15 pm
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The fandom isn't really 'Inglourious Basterds' is it? Please that spelling just makes me wince.

In other news - as a result of the blank brain crisis I missed the notification that my extra userpics were running out and half my icons are missing!!! My Jayne LOL icon that I've had since time immemorial has vanished as has about 70 (slight exaggeration here) Jaylee icons. I think this is a signal for an icon overhaul...

My Season one, Merlin DVDs have arrived at the post office! I was too late home tonight to pick them up, but I'll be there tomorrow for sure. Of course I have to wait till Sunday to actually watch them because this weekend is all surf club stuff, but that's ok :) I've truly been sucked into this show and I love it. Season 2 starts airing in England next week - anyone know where I can download it?? *begs*

Icon post

Sep. 4th, 2009 10:46 am
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Firefly, Jewel Staite, and Merlin this time! All items are snaggable, just credit me if used :D


Photobucket Photobucket
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A mixed bag of icons this time. Firefly, Angel, Merlin and Jewel Staite. As usual textless icons are not bases and all Icons are available to snag, just remember to credit if used :)


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Icon organisational post


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