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Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:06 pm
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Most of the comms I frequent and my flisters are still on LJ. But just in case... I'm bookaddict43 on Dreamwidth and Archive of our own as well. So original!

I try to remember to import to Dreamwidth at least every couple of days :) And am slowly uploading fic to AO3.

Thanks to all of you who replied to my last post. You all made me feel better. *hugs flist*
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I have five Dreamwidth codes if anyone wants them! Just comment here and they shall be yours.

I don't actually use Dreamwidth much, all the comms I like and most of my flisters are more active here. But it is great to have as a back-up. Just my two-cents :D
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I have two Dreamwidth invite codes if anyone wants them? Just comment here - first come, first served...

I've got a free acount there, but don't use it much. Most of my flisters seem to be still here on LJ, only one I know has moved completely, but I do like a back-up. So ask and ye shall receive :D

ETA: One down and one to go!


May. 1st, 2009 07:41 pm
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I wonder if Dreamwidth will really get off the ground or will it just be another account I have? I'm bookaddict43 over there too if you want to add me and I'm attempting to import my journal from here to there. I wonder if it will work *grins*.

In the interest of indoctrinating the masses, I've also created the jaylee_ship comm over there too :)


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