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This is a work in progress since I haven't actually signed up yet!

Hi there Author!

This is my first year participating in Yuletide and I haven't a clue what I'm doing! If you're reading this it means we like some of the same things and have been matched up. Yay!

Truthfully I'll be glad to receive a fic from any of the fandoms I've listed and look forward to reading it :D

Here's a few details about likes and dislikes.

I like gen, slash and het. I'm not a big fan of dub-con, but don't mind it if it's done well. Non-con is a no, as is under-age (u16) sex. Aside from that I love hurt/comfort, humour, romance, adventure...anything really!

Fandoms -

Billabong series - I love the books in this series and just want to read something from this 'Verse. Yes I know how racist, paternalistic, homophobic and OMG wrong they are, but I read them as a child and have a child's memory of them. All I saw was the Station, the horses and dogs and friendship.

I like the bromance between Jim and Wally and would love to read something from their years at school. Alternatively a glimpse at everyone years after the last book or more Norah and Wally romance. Please no racism or homophobic ideas like the books,

Moonlight - Mick St John is a favourite with me. His relationship with Beth at the end of the series had many possibilities and I'd love to see them explored. Alternatively a look at a case that Mick had in the years before he met Beth.


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