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2011-02-23 08:15 pm

Rambling and stuff

At last! I have full internet back!

For the past two weeks since the cyclone the internet at home hasn't been working. I've been subsisting on a couple hours a day *staggers*, courtesy of the surf club's USB wireless internet. Finally the Telstra guy actually came to the house yesterday and put everything to rights. What's more, it was no fault of mine, my house, computer etc! It was the phone line and modem - so both were fixed at no cost to me!!! *bounces madly*

Our town is slowly recovering from the cyclone. There are trees down everywhere and the main park in town was decimated. It's so strange to see some places without trees. I'm still cleaning my yard and am at the stage of needing some chain saw mojo for tidying the big trees. I want to take a chain saw course, I figure it would be useful. But it takes 2 full days, so...not this time. Though I'm so annoyed at work, I'm thinking about it *grins*. By doing the course, I get my ticket and can actually be employed as a chain saw expert! Can you picture it???

I really, really want to join the Ship Olymics being run in the Star Trek fandom, but fear I couldn't hold up my end. I'm afraid I'd be the team member the team all talk about because I fail to deliver :(

It's 3 weeks until the LG and I are off to the Junior State Titles. What with floods and cyclones he hasn't done nearly enough training. But we've bought the air fare and booked the accommodation - so we're still going. I'm looking forward to some real waves however and am going to spend at least a couple of hours in the sea :D
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2010-09-11 05:04 pm

Rambling ramble

Hi there flist! Long time, no ramble.

Though I think that may be changing. After two years of fuzzy brain and general failness, I think we have my pernicious anemia under control! Woot!

I've had the second of my B12 injections (they hurt like crazy) and with a combination of natural remedies seem to be on the up and up! Maybe I'll even be able to finish some fics - wouldn't that be nice? It would make me feel 100% anyway :D

In other news - The LG's football team went down 26-12 in the grand final. They were disappointed, but boy did they play well. And it was 30 degrees! (86 in farenheit) At 9am in the morning! And it's not even summer yet. The kids are already planning next year's campaign :D

With the end of football, surf club starts next week and we're onto our next wave (joke) of sporting contests. We've done our pool swims and I was pleased that I managed the 8 laps in way less than 9 minutes. Yay! Though I'm vowing not to do 70 hours of voluntary patrol this year! I'm getting too old...

Fandom wise -

The first ep of Merlin S3 screens today!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! I'm hoping someone on my flist will upload it before I drown in the squee. Why do we have to wait more than six months? *pouts*

Star Trek fandom continues to eat my brains, and I'm labouring away at the reel_startrek fic. Even with my labouring, the fic will probably come in at under 10000 words. This in a fandom where 30000 + fics are common. *sigh*

Anyway flist, that's enough about me. What are you all up to? I'm dying to know! :D
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2010-03-14 02:22 pm
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We're not beach bums - oh no :)

Our club surf carnival was cancelled today on account of the 30 - 35knot winds. So at about 9.15 we decided to just go down to the beach and 'look' at the waves.

At 1.30 we finally came home :DD
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2010-03-11 11:18 pm

Thinky thoughts and miscellaneous things...

My copy of Total Recall has arrived, so now I can get down to watching it a few times and hopefully writing the [ profile] reel_merlin fic. It's interesting to note that my memory of the film was pretty good and I was a bit appalled to realise how many of the one-liners I can still quote!

Along with my copy of TR, I also bought the first two series of Robin of Sherwood. I was enamoured of this show back in the eighties and watched every episode. Did anyone else (those of you who weren't tiny children :D) watch it? It had all the ingredients to push my buttons - a heavy dose of mythos, lots of sword fights, the sheriff's voice (I could listen to him forever) and a bit of snark to leaven the drama.

What TV did you watch in the 80s? Things I can remember - Blake's 7, endless repeats of Star Trek (TOS), Dr Who, Centennial, Miami Vice, to name but a few...

The LG has made the State Titles for surf club, Read more... )
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2009-10-06 02:26 pm

Proud mother alert

We had the first surf carnival of the season on the weekend and all had great fun. I won't subject you to photos of me panting through my swim, but following is some photos of the LG. He did really well by winning the swim, ironman and board and coming 2nd in the sprint and flags - this made him age champion! photos )
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2009-08-02 09:13 am

Sunday rambling

It's Sunday morning and I'm having a nice sit down before heading off to Surf Club. It's only a month till the season starts so we're cleaning the office and sorting out uniforms, stinger suits and swimwear today. I've got the calendar for the next season almost finished and the web page is just about done. We'll be all set to go.

The dog knows I'm going somewhere and is trying to tell me how good he is so I'll take him with me. He hasn't been good. His escape attempts and successes over the last 2 weeks are driving me insane!! Wednesday I came home and found he'd been out all day. He jumped from the backyard into the house via the sunroom window (which I forgot to close), and he jumped out of the house via my bedroom window!!!! He took the whole screen with him when he jumped out my window and I still haven't fixed it :( I was not happy... Apparently he was then down at the local takeaway shop most of the day and nearly got run over by a delivery truck. Sometimes I wonder why I have a dog :)

After a couple of weeks taking vitamin supplements and adding B12 stuff to my diet, my head is starting to feel a lot less fuzzy. I think I can feel the muse trickling back and am trying to finish my (not very long) Chuck/Casey fic. [ profile] evilmaniclaugh has helped me enormously there *hugs her*.

I've missed lots of my flist's birthdays lately. Here's a big virtual and belated hug for all those I've missed. *hugs hugs hugs*
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2009-03-18 11:10 am

Happy St Patrick's day and some photos...

Happy St Pat's day to all my flisters out there! Check out the photos behind the cut...

Read more... )
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2009-03-13 07:28 am

Ramble time

We're back from our little trip down south and pleased to be home. It took me two days to recover from my endless trips up and down the sand, but we did have great fun. The little guy enjoyed the real waves immensley and he and his friend got some good experience of their first state titles. The place I picked to stay was awesome, it was close to everything and reasonably priced. I'm thinking we might take my mother there for a holiday at the end of the year...I was hoping to go on the Second Browncoat cruise but...

When I hadn't heard anything, I suspected it; but I've just had an email confirming the 2nd Firefly/Browncoat cruise is cancelled :(

The first reason was the current financial crisis which I understand; but the second reason was the perception of possible lack of safety in Mexico? I haven't heard anything about Mexico on the World news - can anyone enlighten me?

It's doubtful whether I would have had the money I guess (though for OS trips I usually can scrape and save :)), because I've just bought a new car. After years of cramming stuff into my little Yaris, I've given in and bought myself a dual cab ute (truck). It's so big! I'm still getting used to parking it and it won't fit under the decorative fascia on the carport. So I'm going out there with a crowbar to see if I can remove it! :D

I've switched the car to the house loan, so even though it's a more expensive car I'm saving $164 a fortnight! Time to save!! That is if the Little guy's sporting endeavours don't send me broke...
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2009-03-03 07:17 pm

Rambling and news

Here we are, the little guy, my niece and I, in Mooloolaba this week.

The LG has made it into the State Lifesaving Titles so we came down a few days early so he could practice in the big waves. Read more... )

The floods, cyclones and things are my excuse for falling behind with my [ profile] serenity_santa duties. So this week I'm trying to catch up and finish it off. Those of you on my flist *meaningful look* who haven't finished your gift can you let me know if you're going to? This includes me of course, I've been slack with mine too...

OMG you should have seen us trying to catch the plane!Read more... )

On the upside; while on the plane my muse hit and I wrote a lot. Now cross your fingers that some of it actually translates to something I can post!
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2008-11-01 10:20 am


Today's the 1st of November! And I'm going to try and do my version of Nanowrimo and finish some of my WIPs. Wish me luck!!!!!

In the interests of saving petrol (and because it's usually too cold for me) I won't turn on the aircon in the car till it's 30 degrees (86) or over. Put the dog in the car and on goes the airconditioning!

We're actually home on a Saturday morning and what is the 10 year old little guy watching? Little kids shows like Miffy and Caiou (?). I thought I'd escaped them years ago. But what is really scary is I remember some of the episodes *shudders*.

The little guy participated in an inter-school tennis competition yesterday and despite me wearing 30+ sunblock, a hat and sitting in the shade I still got sunburnt. *sigh* I need to try better sunblock or go back to zinc which even though it stains all my clothes I never burn.

Today and tomorrow we've got our usual surf club committments. Which means a total of about 8 hours on the beach...
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2008-10-26 09:13 pm

Totally tired!

Friday we drove the 6 hours (more or less) down to Mackay for the North Australian Titles. It's the first year the little guy is old enough to compete and he's been looking forward to it for the last 2 years at least...

Saturday saw us awake at 5.30 and down at the beach by 6.45 and the LG did well in his first two events; making the finals in both (finals Sunday). Unfortunately there was then a sighting of a crocodile in the area and all the water events were stopped. The LG's other beach event was moved up and he made the final again and got a sixth place. In total we were on the beach for twelve hours!!!!!!

Today, although the decision was made for the water events to go on, most (me among them) didn't allow their children back in the water so it was another 6 hours drive home again.

So we are both very tired tonight and not at all excited that tomorrow is back to school and work again...
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2008-10-17 08:16 am

just a ramble

Getting the school newsletter the other day reminded me how close we are to the end of the school year. Read more... )

Today is my day off- Lovely thought - and I had hoped to sit around catching up on the last 2 episodes of Chuck and I've left my USB at work!!!!!! *sniffs* Also the LG has invited god knows how many (actually 5) children around for a water bomb fight tomorrow, and the house needs cleaning! I don't want to clean the house *pouts*. I didn't want 5 children coming around either on our first Saturday home with no committments for weeks, but the plans had already been made! Much talking about parental rights ensued!! :D
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2008-10-11 08:05 am
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We're off!

It's the first surf carnival of the season! Fortunately it's here at our beach so for once I don't have to travel. But we're still going to be busy! The little guy has (I think) five events today and five tommorrow and I'm supposed to be actually swimming in the surf race!

Wish us luck!
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2008-06-11 10:59 am
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some pictures

If you want to see a little bit of where we live Checkout our surf club website.
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2008-05-23 08:55 am
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Excited and rambling

This Saturday is the Annual Dinner for the Surf Club and due to some weight loss I have no clothes to wear. Yesterday I went out and tried some stuff on and was majorly stoked to find that I fitted into a size I probably haven't worn since I was 16! *twirls*

And it's all thanks to [ profile] guinny_hamilton! (Cut for way too much TMI)Read more... )
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2008-03-12 11:20 pm
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Thank you!

Thanks to all of you wonderful flisters who wished me luck last Sunday! *hugs all around* I passed!! *dances* And now have my Bronze Medallion.

I am happy because I made the run, swim, run without becoming dead and also did not fall off the board - despite the large seas! In my opinion my CPR skills weren't that great, but the assessors passed me - so that's good.

Thanks also to [ profile] truthmaker, [ profile] greenowl & [ profile] sl_podcast for their info about transportation etc in Chicago. It really helped with my trip planning *cuddles*.

Now - before the internet crashes on me again, I'm going to do one of the memes going around. Courtesy of [ profile] evilmaniclaugh and [ profile] bugchicklv I give you....

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other!

I will answer, but expect delays as you would not believe the problems I'm having with my computer!
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2008-03-10 02:20 pm
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Proud mum here

It was presentation day at Surf club yesterday and the little guy did well again.

Read more... )
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2008-03-08 10:57 pm
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Since I started getting fit last year, I decided to participate a bit more at the Surf Club. considering I spend 90% of my weekends on the beach I figured I may as well join the Lifesaving part of the club. In order to compete or to take part in beach patrols, I need my Bronze Medallion.

So over the last couple of months I've been studying and practising for this. Tomorrow is the exam! I have to do a written test, an oral one, do a run, swim, run, a CPR test and 2 water rescues. It's one of the water rescues I'm most concerned about. The board rescue means I have to paddle out to the drowning person, hang over the side of the board and give them two rescue breaths, then haul them up on the board and paddle back to shore.

Aside from a short practice at the pool on Wednesday I haven't been on a board for nearly 25 years; I've seen the rescue demonstrated once and practised it once. I think I need you guys to cross your fingers for me! Will you?

I think the worst part of all is that I have to be at the beach at 8.00am - on a Sunday morning!!! I hope I wake up...
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2008-02-04 11:49 am
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Any of my flisters out there use gmail? I have questions :)

I'm currently secretary for the Surf Club and they want a list of in and out emails for the Agenda. I star all the surf club stuff in my inbox and can see my list. But I have a problem - I don't know how to list the emails from this month only - do I use the filter option? Is it possible? It would save me typing out the millions (a slight exageration) of emails that I recieve all over again...

Any help is appreciated! *begs*
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2008-02-02 11:07 pm

annoyed with myself

I sat down tonight with the express intention of writing something, I didn't care what - just something.

Did I do it?


Well I opened up the fic I owe [ profile] ladytalon1 and wrote a couple of lines, but nothing much else. *pouts*

This is occuring too often for me. I have ideas and even the chapter mapped out in my head, but it isn't translating. I'm going to pout my way off to bed and hope I'm more successful tomorrow...

In other, better news; the little guy and I attended a swim-a-thon to raise money for the surf club this afternoon and acquitted ourselves very well.