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Hi there flist! Long time, no ramble.

Though I think that may be changing. After two years of fuzzy brain and general failness, I think we have my pernicious anemia under control! Woot!

I've had the second of my B12 injections (they hurt like crazy) and with a combination of natural remedies seem to be on the up and up! Maybe I'll even be able to finish some fics - wouldn't that be nice? It would make me feel 100% anyway :D

In other news - The LG's football team went down 26-12 in the grand final. They were disappointed, but boy did they play well. And it was 30 degrees! (86 in farenheit) At 9am in the morning! And it's not even summer yet. The kids are already planning next year's campaign :D

With the end of football, surf club starts next week and we're onto our next wave (joke) of sporting contests. We've done our pool swims and I was pleased that I managed the 8 laps in way less than 9 minutes. Yay! Though I'm vowing not to do 70 hours of voluntary patrol this year! I'm getting too old...

Fandom wise -

The first ep of Merlin S3 screens today!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! I'm hoping someone on my flist will upload it before I drown in the squee. Why do we have to wait more than six months? *pouts*

Star Trek fandom continues to eat my brains, and I'm labouring away at the reel_startrek fic. Even with my labouring, the fic will probably come in at under 10000 words. This in a fandom where 30000 + fics are common. *sigh*

Anyway flist, that's enough about me. What are you all up to? I'm dying to know! :D
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My mango tree has finally finished fruiting (yay for a freezer full of mango slices for the year), and is badly in need of a trim. So when I got home from work I sallied out with my extendable saw thingy and started sawing away. Read more... )

I had a lovely 4 weeks off and have now been back at work since last week. Read more... )

The LG will be in 7th grade this year and I'm busy buying books and things. His feet are now enormous (he's wearing size 10 1/2 men's shoes) so I'm waiting till the day before school before I buy any. Last year I bought a pair a term his feet grew that fast.

The brain fuzziness is becoming less I think and I'm off to the doctor next week for follow up tests. Then I might finally be able to assuage my guilt for not finishing my betaing for poor [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowwritings. The brain it will work!!!

[ profile] serenity_santa is so far doing well thank goodness. We've had just over half the gifts posted and still have half the month left to go. The comm is about the only fannish thing I've been able to accomplish lately, which leads me to the meme of the day and my usual caveats and andendums...

I'm hoping this will spur my muse to something, so if you answer it - cross your fingers and hope!!!

Stolen from [ profile] itinerant_vae

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?
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My niece and I have spent the last two days ripping up the carpet in the house. Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with the floor :) Anything is better than the carpet! You should have seen the stuff underneath! Ick. I'm hoping this may settle some of my allergies down.

But now I am tired. Probably because I haven't taken any iron tablets for at least a week. I thought maybe I'd built up some reserves, but maybe not...I've got to go lie down and I still have 4000 words of my Big Bang fic to go!!!!!

Anway in the spirit of being a sheep, here's the Fanfiction love meme...


If you've read my stuff I'd love to know what you think of it :D


Aug. 30th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Hi there flisters! Long time no ramble - for me anyway :)

I've been a trifle brain slow (again) for the last couple of weeks. Read more... )

Despite the brain drain I've actually written some of my Big Bang fic and hope to send it soon to the beauteous [ profile] anxiety_junkie for her opinion. But flisters I need a title!! You know me - one word titles are a staple on my list of works. They're so boring *complains*. So can someone suggest some ideas for me? *begs with fluttery eyelashes* The fic is an AU which starts half-way through Out of Gas and may probably turn into a Jaylee story. Anything jump to mind??
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I got my blood tests back today and it appears that I have a deficiency of B12 and Iron. Although both deficiencies are low, the B12 is very low. The doctor thinks that the B12 deficiency is the one that caused me to collapse at the football.

So now I know and I've got 3 months till the next test to improve my numbers. Since I don't eat a lot (hardly any) of dairy products or eggs, this is what my doctor wants me to target first. Let's hope it improves my fatigue levels and maybe my writing muse will come back! Though I'm determined not to put back on the 20 kilos (44lbs) I lost though :)
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First thanks to all you wonderful flisters who replied to my last post. *big hugs* Instead of replying to you all, I'll give you an update here. Read more... )


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