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My legs are tired. I stood up for five hours straight today and they're feeling it! But we had a successful day so I guess it was worth it.

As some of you know - the little guy is mad keen on surf club.Read more... )

My only consolation is - considering the amount of walking I did, surely I've helped both my fitness and weightloss goals :DD

And tomorrow we've got to be on the beach at 9am for surf club *sigh*.
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The weather was hot but beautiful. I remembered my shoes and didn't burn the shit out of my feet, and the place I picked to stay was really nice. The little guy had a successful time at the surf carnival and actually completed all his events before the crocodiles were sighted.

And you people have been busy too! I've been gone 2 days and my flist has exploded. It'll take me all night to read everything :)
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OMG! It's one month and one day till I leave on my trek for the Browncoat Cruise!!! It's just getting closer and closer...

It's also exactly one month till my mother gets here to mind the little guy and the dog while I'm gone. *Panics* Things are not clean, or tidy, or ... well anything really.

Of course I could be doing those things now, but the lure of LJ and my latest attempt to write John Casey/Captain awesome is interfering!!!

I can't do anything this weekend to rectify it, because we're off to Picnic Bay for the next surf carnival. Pray for no crocodiles this year please :D

But on the brightside - I've actually remembered to book accommodation for this weekend and to find someone to mind the dog (aka the escape artist). I may even have a small window of opportunity (a whole hour) to go shopping tomorrow (Friday here) to buy food to eat at the carnival :)

Maybe I'll even get a chance, while the child is passed out Saturday night, to write some of my WIPs!!! *hope springs eternal*
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Here's a few photos of our life lately...Also I think they might be a bit big (I'm still trying to figure out the new camera) so beware if you have dial-up!Read more... )


Oct. 12th, 2007 10:36 pm
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I'm so tired that I'm falling asleep at the computer - Again!!! Work has been exhausting and all the running around in non-work hours has tired me out completely.

I've got a chapter of Chrysalis three-quarters written that I want to finish in the worst way. My [ profile] two_of_us fic is due the 15th and of course my WIPs are just that - WIPs still *sigh*.

I wanted to stay up and talk to [ profile] ladytalon1 when she comes online too *pouts*. But I must go to bed. We have to be up at the crack of dawn so we can go to the first surf carnival of the season...

Thank god, for once I don't have to drive hours to get there. Our club has the first event of the season and I'm only two blocks away!! Wish the little guy luck -he's entered every event he could for the under 10s and has been training for weeks...
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Thank you to everyone for the birthday greetings, they really made my day!! Opening up my friends page and seeing them all there gave me a warm fluffy feeling. :)

Special thanks to [ profile] squish_67 who wrote me my own birthday fic and to [ profile] cheshire_monkey for the lovely virtual balloons.

I had a very quiet but nice birthday with the little guy and my Mum. We had an ice-cream Birthday cake and a swim at the beach.

The little guy finally got his medals from the surf carnival we went to just before going to Flan. Check out the photo behind the cut! He’s very proud of himself…

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We're back from the child's long awaited weekend at the Surf Lifesaving Branch Titles in Bowen. In seems like an awfully long weekend...

We had a good weekend except for some minor problems. I drove the four hour drive on Friday so I wouldn’t have to get up and leave home at four in the morning, not my favourite thing.

We had a great time stopping at all the fruit stalls, buying all the in season fruit and buying bananas that weren’t $12.99 a kilo. I stopped at the local library for a chat and a tour – which means I can write off the mileage and petrol on my tax…

Our Motel was pretty nice. The club books en masse and we got one of the refurbished rooms and had a microwave and all. The little guy was impressed with the scrub turkeys and bush walk and the fact that there was a cove right at the back of our room. We even saw a turtle swimming there. The child woke up at 5.00am and we had to go exploring - but I survived.

My minor problem occurred at home with the dog! He’s an escape artist and after he escaped for possibly the millionth time on Wednesday I decided he’d have to go on a running lead.Read more... )

On Saturday it turned out all the younger members events were all on Sunday, much to everyone’s dismay. My little guy wasn’t too bent out of shape as it meant he could have a play in the stinger net and I got inveigled into being an official for the day!

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With the Branch titles over and only one major school event left before we leave, I can now concentrate on our holiday…It’s only 13 days till we leave for the States!

The child’s passport, the problematic one, has arrived. My passport, the straight-forward one hasn’t. If it doesn’t turn up today I have to ring the passport office. Since it’s next to impossible to talk to an actual human there you may have to listen to some ranting about bureaucracy…

I was going to say lots of fic related things too – but shall spare you until later! *evil laugh*


Oct. 27th, 2006 02:11 pm
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With the next carnival coming up this weekend I thought I'd post some photos of the boy in action at the last one! He made Under 9 Age Champion!!

I reduced the photos but they might take a while to download on dial-up - sorry.

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It’s only one month till I leave for the States! Only one month! I still can’t find my passport and even I am becoming slightly panicked by this. During the great passport hunt though, I’ve found my camera which has been missing for a least a year, and some jewellery.

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Crocodiles have been spotted at Picnic Bay, the place we’re supposed to be going to a surf carnival this weekend.

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The dog has spent the last week escaping from the concentration camp that is my yard. The fence is 6 foot high, I’ve blocked off every possible escape route I can find and he still gets out!

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On a happier note – it looks like the powers that be will let us have the coffee vending machine in the library!! A victory that’s taken me two years of nagging, bitching and Machiavelli type manoeuvres to achieve!! *dance*

Brain dead

Oct. 14th, 2006 11:58 am
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We've finished day one of the 1st surf carnival of the season! Yay!! But now I'm sort of dead. I have ideas for my fics but can't write them, so I'm reading, commenting and rambling instead...

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Once my brain deadness is over I shall finish that thing for [ profile] squish_67 *grins* and do the beta-ing for [ profile] jayneswoman - sorry for the delay!! And hopefully write another chapter for Them That Choose it etc. etc.

For those familiar with MJ Phillips Firefly artwork. He's just opened up an online store to sell it And I think [ profile] cantonheroine, should do something similar - your work is fantastic after all!!
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I can see! I can see! *dances*

After nearly three months of viruses, running eyes, blurred vision and playing soccer in my glasses, my eyes have settled down and I can see again!

I wore my new lenses for the whole day yesterday and they went well. They lasted an afternoon at the beach and everything. The real test is today at work. Looking at the computer and sitting in the air conditioning – cross your fingers for me!!!

We had a beautiful afternoon at the beach yesterday afternoon.

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For two years at least I have been agitating for a coffee machine at work. It seemed to me an easy way to raise a little money and offer an additional service to our customers and since we share a space with TAFE (a community college) I saw a ready made market going begging.Read more... )

It's 47 days till I leave for the States! OMG!! New York first. Any recommendations? Then I'm driving I think to [ profile] squish_67's place and then Flan!! I really can't wait.


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