Feb. 10th, 2011


Feb. 10th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Hi there everyone! Finally I'm back...

I has electricity! :D Therefore I have internet as well...

It's 8 days since the electricity went off during Cyclone Yasi and boy are we glad to have it back. Living out of the eski (ice box) got old really quick.

We're all fine. I lost the veranda roof, a few panels off the back patio and the LG's shed has a caved roof which is leaking. The house stood up well, we had no broken windows or anything. My trees, like everyone else's took a battering and after the clean-up I can see my house for the first time in years :D

The cyclone was followed by a flood and we had no water for about 3 days, but since I have a gas stove we cooked and ate well the whole time.

Our town is a mess and there's lots of people without power still, some of the outlying areas may be 5 weeks or more. But our town is doing ok thank goodness.

Of course we had the cyclone just when it was my week to do the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor posts at [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones. Lucky for me my fellow comm members did the job for me!

Thanks to to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lvs_2read for doing [livejournal.com profile] firefly_signal and thanks for all my lovely flisters who asked how I was going. *hugs everyone*.

Now I have oceans of fic and vids to catch up on. Glad to see you all!!!!!!! :D


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