Mar. 13th, 2009

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We're back from our little trip down south and pleased to be home. It took me two days to recover from my endless trips up and down the sand, but we did have great fun. The little guy enjoyed the real waves immensley and he and his friend got some good experience of their first state titles. The place I picked to stay was awesome, it was close to everything and reasonably priced. I'm thinking we might take my mother there for a holiday at the end of the year...I was hoping to go on the Second Browncoat cruise but...

When I hadn't heard anything, I suspected it; but I've just had an email confirming the 2nd Firefly/Browncoat cruise is cancelled :(

The first reason was the current financial crisis which I understand; but the second reason was the perception of possible lack of safety in Mexico? I haven't heard anything about Mexico on the World news - can anyone enlighten me?

It's doubtful whether I would have had the money I guess (though for OS trips I usually can scrape and save :)), because I've just bought a new car. After years of cramming stuff into my little Yaris, I've given in and bought myself a dual cab ute (truck). It's so big! I'm still getting used to parking it and it won't fit under the decorative fascia on the carport. So I'm going out there with a crowbar to see if I can remove it! :D

I've switched the car to the house loan, so even though it's a more expensive car I'm saving $164 a fortnight! Time to save!! That is if the Little guy's sporting endeavours don't send me broke...


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