May. 23rd, 2008

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This Saturday is the Annual Dinner for the Surf Club and due to some weight loss I have no clothes to wear. Yesterday I went out and tried some stuff on and was majorly stoked to find that I fitted into a size I probably haven't worn since I was 16! *twirls*

And it's all thanks to [ profile] guinny_hamilton! (Cut for way too much TMI)Read more... )
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Time for the romance titles again!!!!

Country doctor, Spring bride

Her four year baby secret That's a long time to be pregnant!

The Italian's Cinderella bride

Saying yes to the millionaire How come I hardly ever meet even finacially solvent guys?

The pregnancy promise

Desert king, pregnant mistress

Marrying the runaway bride

Bedded at the billionaire's convenience Huh?????

Here's the sickening synopsis (that could be a title 'The case of the sickening synopsis') for The Italian's Cinderella Bride - cue dramatic music...

In a flash of lightning Count Pietro Bagnelli sees a young woman standing in the alley below his palazzo, a battered suitcase at her feet. This solitary Count has turned his back on the world, but he can’t turn his back on this bedraggled waif…

Ruth has returned to Venice to uncover lost memories, yet finds comfort with this proudly damaged Count. As carnivale sweeps through the city, drama and passion ignite and secrets unravel…


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