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Although it's Monday here. I figure better late than never :)

Stolen from [ profile] romankate, [ profile] oddmonster, [ profile] little_tristan and lots of others!!

Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.

“I’ll be taking my leave then,” I blurted it out afore Mal could keep talking, but nearly took it back when him and the others stared at me.
Those gorramn twins were right; one day Mal’s luck was going to run out, and this might be the day. What with running through Reavers and all. That was what decided me right there. I might be all kinds of stupid and do all sorts of stuff for money, but I’m not so far gone I’m gonna take on a pack of Reavers for no reason. And there ain’t a reason.

Now if only I could finish it - or anything else! :D
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Because I commented on [ profile] elfsausage's post - I'm posting this and am really going to attempt it...

The first TEN five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/fic of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Except you really don't have to post this if you don't want.

Fandoms: Firefly (you know my pairings), Chuck (Casey/Chuck, Casey/Sarah), Star Trek (Jim/Bones, Gen)
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when I actually wrote things? Things I liked and a few others did too. Things that were in character and weren't boring. Things that transformed from scenes floating in my head to a reasonable approximation of a story...

Yeah I remember them.

Right now I'm not happy with my [ profile] reel_merlin story, and unless a miracle occurs, won't be posting on the 7th. *pouts*

The last half-way decent stories I wrote were Chuck/Casey experimental 2nd person POV. Since then there's ideas and nothing much else. It depresses me. Maybe I should just give up?

So in an attempt to cheer up myself (and you now I've depressed you) I shall rec this fic - Collateral damage by [ profile] mrasaki. In which Jim Kirk's command chair sort of takes over the Enterprise - Read and enjoy.
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I'm out, after round #3 of [ profile] merlin_ldws. But I'm fine with that, there was some awesome drabbles this week. I was just pleased I actually got my fics in on time and wrote something.

It kind of encouraged me :) So I've signed up for [ profile] reel_merlin. *wibbles* Last year when I got sucked into the Merlin fandom, the reel_merlin fics were some of the first I read; and I was seized with the mad desire to write a Merlin/Arthur version of Totall Recall!!

The idea has been kicking around the back of my brain ever since - and now I've signed up. I've got till the end of May to write the draft and stunningly I already have some notes written. Let's hope I can keep it up...

Wish me luck! :DD
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I've made it through the second round of [ profile] merlin_ldws! This amazes me since I had doubts about both my drabbles. But I'm pleased because I actually wrote and posted two fics in two weeks! Cross your fingers I keep going :) I think I shall post them to my journal soon.

I'm considering a change to my journal page. Though I loooooove my Jaylee header, maybe it's time for a change? It is a very long time since I made any changes. But on the other hand...

The LG was sick today and after attending a 'must attend' meeting I came home to mind him. We have had a surfiet of day time and children's tv as a consequence :) My personal favourite is Shaun the sheep. I love that show! :DD It's always good for a laugh.

This last year I've been totally remiss and missed many many birthdays! I apologise flist - I'm still here and love you all! *hugs madly*
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My mango tree has finally finished fruiting (yay for a freezer full of mango slices for the year), and is badly in need of a trim. So when I got home from work I sallied out with my extendable saw thingy and started sawing away. Read more... )

I had a lovely 4 weeks off and have now been back at work since last week. Read more... )

The LG will be in 7th grade this year and I'm busy buying books and things. His feet are now enormous (he's wearing size 10 1/2 men's shoes) so I'm waiting till the day before school before I buy any. Last year I bought a pair a term his feet grew that fast.

The brain fuzziness is becoming less I think and I'm off to the doctor next week for follow up tests. Then I might finally be able to assuage my guilt for not finishing my betaing for poor [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowwritings. The brain it will work!!!

[ profile] serenity_santa is so far doing well thank goodness. We've had just over half the gifts posted and still have half the month left to go. The comm is about the only fannish thing I've been able to accomplish lately, which leads me to the meme of the day and my usual caveats and andendums...

I'm hoping this will spur my muse to something, so if you answer it - cross your fingers and hope!!!

Stolen from [ profile] itinerant_vae

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?
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Not that I've written much this year - but I like to keep track :) Most of what is listed are snippets I started during mininanowritemo, but I'm hoping to finish them and the Big Bang fic (I've only got 1500 words to go darn it!) which is soooo overdue it's not funny...


He ain't ever going to be Simon. A Jaylee ficlet

Coalescent. River/Jayne one-shot

Jayne POV a snippet of a possible AU.


All of the things that led to us. Chuck fandom: Casey/Chuck written for the [ profile] chuck_slash icon ficathon.

A Merlin snippet where the knights might be the red shirts of Camelot.

A Magnificent Seven snippet. Obediah Jackson POV

And that's it for the year *sigh*. I'm hoping the New Year brings a less fuzzy brain and more fic! Cross your fingers for me :D
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Somewhere I've missed another day! :) But I'm pleased. At least I'm writing something (I was afraid I wouldn't) and I now have hopes that I'll actually meet the 20,000 words of my big bang fic. Cross your fingers!

364 words of un-betaed big bang fic. More bits for the Ariel re-write...

Read more... )
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I missed a day :( But wrote something in this last few minutes before going to bed *relieved sigh*. Of course it's not my big bang fic or evey one of my WIPs, but something that just popped into my head.

455 words of Jayne POV in an AU 1/2 way through Serenity the movie...

Read more... )
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More big bang fic, though not may words. I'm citing too many meetings and a soocer game as my excuse!

327 words un-betaed ficRead more... )
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The big bang fic is slowly getting there. Tonight's excerpt is the Trash re-write.

532 words of un-betaed ficcage ahead...Read more... )
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More excerpts from the bigbang fic. I need to start thinking of titles!!

502 words of ficcage, not coherent yet - Alternative War stories ep

Read more... )
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I've signed up to participate in mininanowrimo for this month! My target is 400 words a day, so hopefully you will be treated with snippets of my bigbang fic and other ramblings. Wish me luck!
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It's Sunday morning and I'm having a nice sit down before heading off to Surf Club. It's only a month till the season starts so we're cleaning the office and sorting out uniforms, stinger suits and swimwear today. I've got the calendar for the next season almost finished and the web page is just about done. We'll be all set to go.

The dog knows I'm going somewhere and is trying to tell me how good he is so I'll take him with me. He hasn't been good. His escape attempts and successes over the last 2 weeks are driving me insane!! Wednesday I came home and found he'd been out all day. He jumped from the backyard into the house via the sunroom window (which I forgot to close), and he jumped out of the house via my bedroom window!!!! He took the whole screen with him when he jumped out my window and I still haven't fixed it :( I was not happy... Apparently he was then down at the local takeaway shop most of the day and nearly got run over by a delivery truck. Sometimes I wonder why I have a dog :)

After a couple of weeks taking vitamin supplements and adding B12 stuff to my diet, my head is starting to feel a lot less fuzzy. I think I can feel the muse trickling back and am trying to finish my (not very long) Chuck/Casey fic. [ profile] evilmaniclaugh has helped me enormously there *hugs her*.

I've missed lots of my flist's birthdays lately. Here's a big virtual and belated hug for all those I've missed. *hugs hugs hugs*
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Now is the time to flex those writing muscles...

It's redux time at [ profile] firefly100! There's about 150 one word prompts to choose from and you only have to write 100 words. The maximum word count allowed is 400. It'll be a good jumping off point for those of us writing for the various big bangs *inveigles*.

The redux will run for a fortnight, so you have plently of time :D
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WTF Telstra? This is the 4th time in 20 minutes that the internet has gone off. Considering the amount of money I pay for connection - this is unacceptable! I can't wait for the wireless tower thingy to be built near here.

I went to a writing workshop today and had a great time! There was some interesting content and I got to meet some new people. One of the things we did was watch this talk from Elizabeth Gilbert. Check it out.

The LG is passed out on the couch still in his football clothes *sigh*. He did well at the game today and scored his first try! Nothing will stop him now :)
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Sign-ups are now open at Firefly Big bang over at Dreamwidth and now I have to decide. There's [ profile] scifibigbang too and the rules are similar; the only difference is the word count - 20,000 at the Firefly one, and 25,000 at the multi-fandom comm.

Of course the real question is - can I actually finish whatever it is I start??


Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:59 pm
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Is there an Australian version of WriterCon? Wouldn't it be nice to know we didn't exist in a vacuum? :)
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In an attempt to keep my stumbling muse going - I present you with...

The Timestamp meme!

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least 100 words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future. Anything is fair game--anything from chaptered and finished to drabbles to WIPs.
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It's Lonely prompt day at [ profile] comment_fic! I'm hoping my muse will co-operate; but just in case, there's plenty of Firefly, Chuck and Stargate prompts over there...*hints at flist :D


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