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I bought the work MacBook home with me for the 10 day break with the intention of loading the Adobe Master Suite onto it. The morons at IT were supposed to do it, but hadn't and I'm supposed to be teaching people how to use it in January!!

So I've loaded the software, (Boy I was I nervous the licence cost so much and it's work stuff - so nervous), and now I'm going to try and use Photoshop. I used Paintshop for years, so hopefully it's similar.

Do any of you, my knowledgable flisters, know how to use the Adobe Bridge function in Photoshop? Or Premiere? I have to teach people both (or all) who knows. I'm not going to let such an expensive piece of software go unused.

Any tips or tricks are welcome :) There may be virtual hugs available :D
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Isn't it strange? After saying I may not post too often, a few hours later I'm posting again!!

Anyway cross your fingers for me. I'm sending off two more job applications tomorrow.

One is for a job that sounds interesting and pays a tiny bit more than what I'm currently paid. This job is in Townsville which is only (?) 110kms away, so not far to move if I'm lucky enough to get it.

The other job sounds awesome and I could do it standing on my head and the pay is about $30K more than I'm getting now. This one is in Brisbane 1498 kms away and everyone will apply for it. I'll need lots of luck to even get an interview.

There is another job coming up eventually. The original rumour was July, then August and now it's November and it's still not advertised. I'm considering ringing and asking if I can submit an Expression of Interest since this is the job I really want. What do you think flisters - is that a sensible idea?

But right now I don't care which one I get. I just want to move away and live somewhere that has more people, is by the sea and is closer to some of my family.
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My computer is still doing weird things! I get the blue screen of death at least once a day and something that makes everything disappear into a conglomeration of pixels and something else that freezes everything et al...

I've been back to the shop three times because I paid for them to fix it and they haven't. The last time they go 'oh we don't know what to do but maybe it's some of your weird programs' (iTunes, PaintShop etc) and merrily start disabling them without asking me first. When I got home and things were just like before I enabled everything again and now PaintShop won't work!! I've tried everything and since I downloaded the program years ago don't know if I can reinstall :( So no icons for awhile I guess, since I can't afford a new program.

Here's a couple a made from LOLCats just before the accident. Snag if you like them :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks to all my flisters who wished me luck in the last job interview. I'm pretty sure I didn't get it since I haven't been contacted. I take pleasure in knowing that I was one of the four people short-listed and will keep on applying regardless.

I really feel I want to move on. I've been here 17 years as of September and I was coming for 5 originally. Of course lots of things conspired to keep me here, but if I'm's the time. So I've applied for another position - cross those fingers for me!!
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I got another job interview! This is for the job I told everyone was a bit high-faluting for me - colour me surprised :D

The interview is Friday however and a good 1400 kms away. I'm suffering from sports related lack of funds, so have to borrow money from my mother. I'd have thought at my age I'd be over that. So wish me luck! :)

Of course the LG's freaking about if I get the job. Despite copious conversations before I applied he now wonders if he can leave his friends, thinks he's too dumb to go to school down south and is in general being obstructive...

Speaking of the LG - we spent the long weekend at a football (rugby league for those who aren't Queenslanders:)) carnival. The team that won and had the most kids selected for the North Qld team were enormous! The age group is under 13, which means in the LG's team most of the kids are still twelve. He's the tallest at 172cm (5ft 7in) and the heavyest boy is about 70 kgs (154lbs)...they were dwarfed! A couple of the kids in the opposing team had moustaches! I think it freaked our kids out :D Still our guys did well. They won two and lost two and learnt some valuable lessons. The LG scored a try and copped an elbow to the eye which has resulted in a spectacular black eye. A good time was had by all :D
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Thanks to all my flisters who answered my last post and offered to come work for me! I'd have you all in a minute for sure!

As predicted, I have been persona non grata since the meeting on Wednesday. One of the girls hasn't voluntarily spoken to me since, but has had plenty of time to send niggling emails about every facet of an upcoming event. But the thing that annoys me most is the attempt to make me look stupid to my boss..(I'm pretty sure it was deliberate)

you don't have to read this, it's just me getting stuff of my chest )

This makes me want to leave more than ever but unfortunately I didn't get the job I interviewed for :(

There's two more advertised and although I think I'm not high-powered enough for this one or technical enough for for this one, I'm applying for them anyway.


Feb. 28th, 2011 11:25 am
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Our area again had monsoonal rain falls during the night check out the map - we're the red and orange. There is now a flood warning current *sigh*. One of my staff already can't get to the branch library and some of the others may have to go home if the water rises much further.

Of course the regular 'omg let's buy everything in the shop' rush is on. Really people, even when it's really bad, we only get cut off for a week. Surely everyone has enough food/drink for that??
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I've currently got 4 weeks off. Technically if I subtract public holidays and weekends, I actually have 20 days off. It's lovely :) This is the first year in a long time I'm not doing anything for the holidays. Aside from going down to the beach every day, I'm just veging out. It's awesome! :D

Luckily I am on holiday, since my brain was dead again, this last couple of days hampering my finishing my already late Big Bang fic. Hopefully though I'll finish it today. *cross you fingers* Pleeeeeeeease??? I'm a bit worried about it because I think it's the most boring thing I've ever written. I hope this is just my slow brain talking.

Anyway for my records, these are the current hours I have saved up...

Flex leave 13.54 hours (1 1/2days)
Sick leave 1364 hours (168 days)
Annual leave 139.05 (17 days)
Long service leave 418.85 (51 days)
RDOs 16.68 hours (2 days)
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My leave entitlements as of today's payslip - This is mainly so I have a record I can find :) If I actually took some of this time, I would be off for almost 6 months...

Sick leave 170 days
Annual Leave 17 days
Long service 49 days
RDO this Friday! 1 day
Flex leave 3 days (I hoard these hours so I can go to things at the LG's school)
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It's my last day home today - back to work tomorrow for me and back to school for the LG. I'm feeling a lot better and got all productive today and ironed all the uniforms for the week!

The LG starts in his new classroom tomorrow. I hope he goes ok, moving classes half-way through the school year could be confusing.

Fandom wise continued behind the cut )
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Here's some statistics from this month's list of titles:-Read more... )
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This is really just a record for me - but here's my leave entitlements as of my last payslip.

Sick leave 165 days
Annual leave 17 days
Long service Leave 48 days
Flex leave 11 hours

Though this year I'm pretty broke and won't be going on any OS trips, I'm planning on taking November and December off! Maybe a couple of days next school holidays too??
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Taylor O’Quinn and Jeremy Carrigan always clashed – and when they didn’t see eye to eye on an important career choice, their cherished friendship ended. Taylor left Texas to pursue a lifelong dream; Jeremy became a respected doctor.
Back home for a much-needed break, Taylor suddenly sees her old friend in a new light. And meeting Taylor again after seven years makes Jeremy realise he wants more than the easy camaraderie they used to share. He wants her to be part of his dream – the lady who captures this gentleman rancher’s heart!
The hyphens worry me...

and in this one too

Millionaire Travis King handpicked a temporary and on-his-terms bride – home-town girl Julie O’Hara. The woman was an old friend and shouldn’t give him any trouble. And, as per their contract, she’d do exactly what he wanted…

Yes there were romance titles in the pile today :)

Marrying for King's millions
Forbidden stranger
The gentleman rancher
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Today's romance titles for you to mock...

The midwife's new-found family

The surgeon she's been waiting for

Blind-date baby

Savas' defiant mistress

The Vendacci marriage vengeance

Pregnant with the billionaire's baby

The Greek millionaire's secret child

The ruthless billionaire's virgin

Here's the synopsis for The ruthless billionaire's virgin. All bracket remarks are me :D

Handsome, but brutally scarred (he couldn't afford plastic surgery?), elusive billionaire Ethan Alexander shuns the limelight. So when his gallant rescue of Savannah Ross forces him into the media's glare, he's less than thrilled.

Savannah's buxom figure belies her inexperience
(are they saying what I think they're saying?) - she's not quite sure how to handle her fierce protector! But when he whisks her to his palace deep in the Tuscan hills (really they're not that deep), she sees a glimpse of the magnificence beneath his flaws. (Oh please?!) This is a man with a darkened heart in need of salvation - and only an innocent in his bed can bring it...
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Happy St Pat's day to all my flisters out there! Check out the photos behind the cut...

Read more... )
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Since I've been away and there's some in backlogged. I have a double helping of Romance titles for your delectation!! Sheikh's and millionaire's are prominent this month...

Bargaining for King's baby
The Sheikh and the pregnant bride - Mysterious millionaire
The contested claim
Valentine's secret child
Colby rebuilt
The French tycoon's pregnant mistress - despite their wealth these people have problems practising safe sex!
A family for his tiny twins
One night with her boss
Marrying the Manhattan millionaire
Pregnant with the De Rossi heir
Secret baby, surprise parents - some people are obviously thick
The British billionaire's innocent bride - why is nationality so important?
The cowboy and the Princess

...and for your reading pleasure; the sickening synopsis of the month...

Nine years ago Kelly Bravo and Michael Vakulic went their separate ways – he to a new name and a new life, she to a family she never knew she had. And then Kelly comes across a tantalisingly familiar photo in the newspaper. Her long-lost Michael has reinvented himself – as Mitch Valentine, multimillionaire entrepreneur. As for Kelly, she’s got a new name
too – mother!

And a little girl with Michael’s eyes… How can she tell him the truth?

How can she not?
*heart palpations* *rolls eyes*
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Yesterday was our first day open after being closed since Christmas Eve. As usual people were lined up at the door waiting for us to start. I don't think we did anything but serve folks for the first 4 hours we were open! Since some folks never believe me when I tell them that people line up to come into the library I took a photo...Read more... )

In other news - we had a nice three days away on holiday. It did rain of course; but we got to swim in the lakes, visit the zoo, go to a coffee farm and a tea plantation and buy beautiful honey. I'll post some photos later :D

Since being home, the little guy and I have been in training mode. Branch titles are only 3 weeks away so we're making sure he's fit. We've been swimming everyday down at the beach and he's getting in lots of bike riding. Sunday at the beach was wonderful, we had actual waves (it doesn't happen often here), so we got to catch thme and do so body surfing. I love that stuff.

On LJ right now there's a redux on at [ profile] firefly100 *hint hint* and I'm busy trying to finish my Secret Santa project for [ profile] serenity_santa.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:41 pm
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Overheard telephone conversation at work :-

"Don't use the remote..."

"Get the broom..."

"Yeah the broom..."

"Go over and see that little patch underneath?

"Poke it..."

How to turn the airconditioner down at our Branch Library 101! *giggles madly*

Ranty thing

Dec. 8th, 2008 01:36 pm
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Which I don't usually do :-

If you book the computer every day for a set time a week in advance plese don't come in every day and change the time.

Or please turn up at the expected time - not late after I've given your time away. You are well aware of the 10 minute leeway policy!!

Also don't expect your 'favourite' computer if you do any of this.

Or ask for the 'special' headphones when they're already in use.

Or argue with me about the price of print-outs you got last week!

For some other of my patrons -

It's 38 (95) degrees out there with corresponding humidity - please have a shower (possibly two) and change your clothes more than once a week. It may save the rest of us from asphyxiation!

And lastly

Do not write in the magazines and newspapers! I already took your pen from you last week, Friday to be exact; and tell you multiple times not to do it. Next time I stamp on your pen...
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For my flisters with children :D !! I'm always looking for stuff for the LG to do and for fresh craft ideas for the story-telling crowd...

I use this site a lot for both work and home. Check out Crayola. But remember, because I'm a skinflint I never use the actual Crayola products!!!! A cutting knife and generic crayons, pencils and textas rule!


Sep. 18th, 2008 11:30 am
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This is of no interest to anyone, but I thought I'd tell you anyway...

As of my payslip today I have currently accumulated -

159 days of sick/carer's leave

19 days of annual leave (I get another 5 weeks next pay so that will jump)


44 days long service leave

15.99 hours of Flex leave

and my RDO (rostered day off) tomorrow!

You can see how often either I or the little guy is ill :D


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