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Or this month's romance titles, catalogued today -

Dante's ultimate gamble
Stranded with the prince
The baby's bodyguard
Come to me
A rancher's brand of justice
Mr and mischief
Alessandro's prize
Captain Corcoran's hoyden bride
His Cinderella bride
My lady innocent
Against all enemies
The brooding stranger
Wife in the shadows
Passion and the prince
For duty's sake
Small town marriage miracle
Melting the Argentine doctor's heart

There was a Count, a Prince, the inevitable sheikh, and a reclusive billionaire in this month's selection and not an ordinary guy to be seen anywhere :D

Check out the synopsis and cover art for Wife in the shadows.


I was so excited to go pick up my computer today. I got home logged on and it crashed 3 times in a row! It's back to the shop tomorrow and demanding my money back :(

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This month's romance titles catalogued today -

Alongside the twins, secret child etc, there's a Russian Oligach, Sheikh, Prince, and Sicilian millionaire in this month's collection...

In want of a wife

Too proud to be bought

The ultimate risk

Prince of scandal

A dark Sicilian secret

The beautiful widow

Strangers in the dark

The man behind the badge

The taming of Dr Alex Draycott

Here's the blurb for Too proud to be bought - Waitress Zara Evans doesn’t belong in glittering high society. That is until she finds herself unexpectedly at an exclusive party and manages to captivate the most sought-after man in the room – Russian oligarch Nikolai Komarov – by attracting his undivided attention… For Nikolai, there’s something about Zara’s beauty that makes her stand out from the first-class crowd. Experience has taught him all women have their price, but he has never encountered anyone like Zara – a young woman who is too proud, too independent, too wilful to be bought…
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This month's romance titles just which there are too many hyphens, doubtful grammar and way too many unexpected pregnancies.

Prince Charming of Harley Street

The pregnancy shock

The last Kolovsky playboy

Falco: the dark guardian

One night…nine-months scandal

Untouched until marriage

The secret Spanish love-child - this one worries me. The child wouldn't come out of the womb speaking Spanish and according to the blurb, the mother is not only plain, but British. So wouldn't the poor kid have British nationality?

Followed by the hysterical historical genre

More than a governess

Wicked captain, wayward wife

The Earl’s runaway bride

The synopsis for The pregnancy shock When his PA asked for extended leave, Greek billionaire Alexei Drakos was extremely inconvenienced. He relied on Billie Foster for everything – running his life, even getting rid of his girlfriends. Little did Alexei know that Billie had left to have his baby! In fact, he didn’t even remember their passionate night and he had no idea she was pregnant!

With Billie gone, there was something missing in Alexei’s glittering existence. When she returned, he needed to offer her something special to make her stay…like a wedding ring of convenience…?
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Here's this month's wonderful romance titles -

The sheikhs are back in force, as are the exotic foreigners. As usual all the men are rich handsome, tall and unable to use condoms...Read more... )

These two are part of a series - The royal house of Karedes whose blurb reads like a soap opera -


A royal family, torn apart by pride and its lust for power, reunited by purity and passion

Many years ago there were two Mediterranean islands ruled as one kingdom – Adamas. But bitter family feuds and rivalry caused the kingdom to be ripped in two. The islands were ruled separately, as Aristo and Calista, and the infamous Stefani coronation diamond was split, as a symbol of the feud and placed in the two new crowns.
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Or aka, this month's romance titles for you to laugh/be sarcastic at...

Which reminds me - anybody still wanting to join the very low pressure Write the title ficathon...Have at it!

The titles for this month:-

A mother for Matilda

Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent

The Andreou marriage arrangement

Miracle: Marriage reunited

Greek tycoon, inexperienced mistress

The virgin's secret

Wedlocked: Banished sheikh, untouched Queen (this seems to cover all bases)

Bought: Destitute yet defiant

The master's mistress

Read the purple prose that is the synposis for Wedlocked etc! :D

About to lose his kingdom, Xavian is marrying for power – his wedding night will be purely for duty. As he unveils his new queen, nervous and naked,how can he unveil her if she's already naked?) bathed in fragrant oils, he’s stunned that she’s as beautiful as the desert stars…

This queen deserves a royal bedding worthy of the Arabian Nights…and in her arms Xavian discovers that, though he may not have a kingdom, he has the strength and power of a thousand kings. (*chokes*) But this untouched queen could be his undoing…
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This month's scintillating titles for your perusal!!

The angel's Christmas

Between the Italian's sheets

At the boss's beck and call

Untamed billionaire, undressed virgin

Hired: Sassy assasin say that 3 times fast

Revealed: a Prince and a pregnancy

The Boselli bride

The millionaire's misbehaving mistress

Bought: Greek's baby

The daredevil tycoon

The Italian's forgotten baby

Posh doc, society wedding

Hot boss, wicked nights

Hot-shot tycoon, indecent proposal

The girl from Honeysuckle Farm (Which for some reason has me picturing Shirley Temple)

Someon to trust

Their baby surprise

The following blurb is from Between the Italian's sheets...Read more... )
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For [ profile] tygermama who was asking for them :)*hugs her*

For one dreadful moment I thought the sheikhs had disappeared in favour of princes, but there's one included after are the unnecessary hyphens!

Duty, desire and the desert king

Prince of Montez, pregnant mistress

One-night mistress...convenient wife

Crowned: The palace nanny

Royal love-child, forbidden marriage

The master player

Book blurb for 'The master player'. The blurb also reminds us that this is the author's hundredth book!

When scandal threatens the star of his network, television baron Maximilian Hart (get the pun? I'm sure the author didn't :)) whisks beautiful Chloe away from the baying paparazzi. Where better to hide this innocent beauty than the Hart mansion...?

But the handsome tycoon's plan doesn't stop at just protecting his investment - he wants Chloe in his bed!! Max might have swept her out of the fire, but Chloe finds herself in a raging inferno: Max is the master player when it comes to business and seduction...


Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:26 am
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The Greek tycoon's blackmailed mistress

He wants her in his bed –
but will she stay there…?
Aristandros Xenakis is like a panther poised to pounce.
(Yellow eyes are not sexy) Sleek, dark and utterly powerful, soon he’ll taste the sweet victory of revenge…
Ella desperately wants access to her baby niece, but the child’s guardian is Aristandros – her ex-fiancé! She’s no choice but to submit to his demand – she must become his mistress!
the tabloids? one of those shock news shows? Actually visit a lawyer?
Naïve and unworldly, Ella is not like the groomed, gold-digging females who have previously warmed Aristandros’s bed. Surely it’s only a matter of time before he tires of her…?
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Here's some statistics from this month's list of titles:-Read more... )
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Taylor O’Quinn and Jeremy Carrigan always clashed – and when they didn’t see eye to eye on an important career choice, their cherished friendship ended. Taylor left Texas to pursue a lifelong dream; Jeremy became a respected doctor.
Back home for a much-needed break, Taylor suddenly sees her old friend in a new light. And meeting Taylor again after seven years makes Jeremy realise he wants more than the easy camaraderie they used to share. He wants her to be part of his dream – the lady who captures this gentleman rancher’s heart!
The hyphens worry me...

and in this one too

Millionaire Travis King handpicked a temporary and on-his-terms bride – home-town girl Julie O’Hara. The woman was an old friend and shouldn’t give him any trouble. And, as per their contract, she’d do exactly what he wanted…

Yes there were romance titles in the pile today :)

Marrying for King's millions
Forbidden stranger
The gentleman rancher
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Since I've been away and there's some in backlogged. I have a double helping of Romance titles for your delectation!! Sheikh's and millionaire's are prominent this month...

Bargaining for King's baby
The Sheikh and the pregnant bride - Mysterious millionaire
The contested claim
Valentine's secret child
Colby rebuilt
The French tycoon's pregnant mistress - despite their wealth these people have problems practising safe sex!
A family for his tiny twins
One night with her boss
Marrying the Manhattan millionaire
Pregnant with the De Rossi heir
Secret baby, surprise parents - some people are obviously thick
The British billionaire's innocent bride - why is nationality so important?
The cowboy and the Princess

...and for your reading pleasure; the sickening synopsis of the month...

Nine years ago Kelly Bravo and Michael Vakulic went their separate ways – he to a new name and a new life, she to a family she never knew she had. And then Kelly comes across a tantalisingly familiar photo in the newspaper. Her long-lost Michael has reinvented himself – as Mitch Valentine, multimillionaire entrepreneur. As for Kelly, she’s got a new name
too – mother!

And a little girl with Michael’s eyes… How can she tell him the truth?

How can she not?
*heart palpations* *rolls eyes*
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To brighten up your hot/wet/snowy day, I give you this month's romance titles:

Virgin mistress, scandalous love child - the two seem to cancel each other out somehow/

Emergency: Single dad, mother needed - I could say something bitchy and anti-men; but I won't

English doctor, Italian bride

Cordero's forced bride

The doctor's baby bombshell - For some reason I see a baby with a head of Marilyn Monroe hair. This is probably not what the author intended :)

The children's doctor's special proposal

At the Argentinean billionaire's bidding

Ruthless tycoon, inexperienced mistress
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There's two months worth of releases for my cataloguing pleasure this week...

Read and laugh/marvel/weep at the titles...Read more... )
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The blurb for a paranormal romance (yes it's a legitimate genre) that I won't be buying for work...

Everything in brackets is me :DD

Destiny kills

Waking on a beach (as one does)with a mysterious serpent tattoo on her back (didn't she feel it???). Destiny McCree attempts to untangle the secrets of her past and opens up a world of magic, enchantment, and lust (lust sounds good), in the first of a new series (there's more?).

What do you want to bet that for the rest of the series all the titles will start with Destiny??
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Yes it's cataloguing the romance titles again time! In addition to the usual titles, because it's now October and nearly Christmas, we have the beginning of the mawkishly winsome titles...Read more... )
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Hi everyone! Here's my monthly list of Romance titles! I'm sure you've been hanging out for them :D

A baby for Eve

Marrying the millionaire doctor

Purchased: His perfect wife

A boss beyond compare - that's me! Except I'm female and probably only beyond compare in my own mind! *Giggles*

The millionaire's nanny arrangement

Virgin for the billionaire's taking - There they are - the millionaire/billionaires again! I want to meet one. We'll get together, he can pay for my petrol and pay off my mortgage then can go be romantic someplace else

Bride at Briar's Ridge

The Desert King's pregnant bride


All the synopsis' (or is that synopsi?) are sickening this month, but this one takes the cake:

Chef Lara needs cash fast – her business partner has duped her and her beloved restaurant is in crisis. There’s only one man who can help – Wolfe Alexander, her tall, dark, brooding stepbrother.
Wolfe needs to marry to meet the terms of his late father’s will, and when beautiful Lara begs him for money he sees his opportunity: a powerful attraction has always simmered between them – he’ll help if she’ll be his convenient wife!
With no choice but to accept Wolfe’s terms, Lara is soon swept into a world of high-society glamour and passion beyond her wildest dreams. But there is just one thing missing – her husband’s love…

Please - she has no choice? Anyone can get a loan, look at me! And though it's stepbrother - doesn't this skate a little close to CSI without the space part?
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Here are this month's catalogued titles:-

A proposal worth waiting for (they'd have to propose something really good!)

Sheikh surgeon claims his bride

The Italian's bought bride

Greek tycoon, waitress wife (yeah sure)

Bridegroom's secret

Abby and the Playboy prince (have you ever met a playboy? Or a prince for that matter?)

Texas ranger takes a bride

The millionaire's proposal
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Romance titles for this month -

Their miracle baby

The children's doctor and the single mum - she's single, beautiful, and the mother of five?

The boss's unconventional assistant

Falling for Mr Dark & Dangerous - sounds pretty interesting! :)

The Sheikh's defiant bride

Hired: The Sheikh's secretary mistress - I really want to read both the Position Description and selection criteria for this one!

The Italian's unwilling wife

Her very special boss
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Time for the romance titles again!!!!

Country doctor, Spring bride

Her four year baby secret That's a long time to be pregnant!

The Italian's Cinderella bride

Saying yes to the millionaire How come I hardly ever meet even finacially solvent guys?

The pregnancy promise

Desert king, pregnant mistress

Marrying the runaway bride

Bedded at the billionaire's convenience Huh?????

Here's the sickening synopsis (that could be a title 'The case of the sickening synopsis') for The Italian's Cinderella Bride - cue dramatic music...

In a flash of lightning Count Pietro Bagnelli sees a young woman standing in the alley below his palazzo, a battered suitcase at her feet. This solitary Count has turned his back on the world, but he can’t turn his back on this bedraggled waif…

Ruth has returned to Venice to uncover lost memories, yet finds comfort with this proudly damaged Count. As carnivale sweeps through the city, drama and passion ignite and secrets unravel…
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I'm back and cataloguing the Romance titles again...

Nurse bride, Bayside wedding

Outback doctor's surprise bride

Cattle baron's virgin wife

The Greek Tycoon's baby bargain

Billionaire doctor, ordinary nurse (Notice nobody's ever an ordinary plumber or tv repair guy or anything?)

Blackmailed for her baby

Markonos bride

Sheikh surgeon's baby


The synopsis from the Cattle Baron one

Ordinary Girl…

Sienna Torrance is used to helping people get back on their feet. But she’s finding Finn McLeod an impossible patient! Only time and Sienna’s skills will help the rugged billionaire recover after an accident. But, as Sienna soon finds out, Finn’s not a man who’s prepared to wait…

Rich Man’s Bride…

Spending every day with Finn at his Queensland cattle station means a searing attraction soon flares up between them. Nevertheless, she is amazed when he proposes! How could someone so powerful, successful and charismatic want her – an inexperienced little mouse – as his bride?

*roll, roll, roll* The sound of decades of women's liberationists rolling their eyes :D


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