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I bought the work MacBook home with me for the 10 day break with the intention of loading the Adobe Master Suite onto it. The morons at IT were supposed to do it, but hadn't and I'm supposed to be teaching people how to use it in January!!

So I've loaded the software, (Boy I was I nervous the licence cost so much and it's work stuff - so nervous), and now I'm going to try and use Photoshop. I used Paintshop for years, so hopefully it's similar.

Do any of you, my knowledgable flisters, know how to use the Adobe Bridge function in Photoshop? Or Premiere? I have to teach people both (or all) who knows. I'm not going to let such an expensive piece of software go unused.

Any tips or tricks are welcome :) There may be virtual hugs available :D
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It's time for my summer time whining...

My yard is currently somewhat overgrown.

I haven't been keeping up very well with the gardening over the last couple of months. I had some weird problem with my eyes that entailed taking tablets that warned about susceptibility to sunlight. Susceptibility wasn't quite right - I burned like a burning thing if in the sun for longer than five minutes. Since I live in the tropics I felt very vampirish and didn't spend much time in the sunlight if I could help it. Read more... )

So I came inside to freak out about snakey and found that the frogs are back in the toilet again! Now I like frogs, and am happy to see that the cane toads haven't taken over completely, but I do not like them being in the toilet! Read more... )

Honestly sometimes I wonder if nature is all it's cracked up to be...

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I am around, but my computer is still dead and reading and commenting on the iPod limits me somewhat!

But I'll need something to do during the upcoming 10 days off. Especially when the weather is at 87-95% humidty and the daily temp is 35 (95) or higher.


Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.
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Isn't it strange? After saying I may not post too often, a few hours later I'm posting again!!

Anyway cross your fingers for me. I'm sending off two more job applications tomorrow.

One is for a job that sounds interesting and pays a tiny bit more than what I'm currently paid. This job is in Townsville which is only (?) 110kms away, so not far to move if I'm lucky enough to get it.

The other job sounds awesome and I could do it standing on my head and the pay is about $30K more than I'm getting now. This one is in Brisbane 1498 kms away and everyone will apply for it. I'll need lots of luck to even get an interview.

There is another job coming up eventually. The original rumour was July, then August and now it's November and it's still not advertised. I'm considering ringing and asking if I can submit an Expression of Interest since this is the job I really want. What do you think flisters - is that a sensible idea?

But right now I don't care which one I get. I just want to move away and live somewhere that has more people, is by the sea and is closer to some of my family.

*sad face*

Nov. 20th, 2011 08:36 am
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Well I think my computer, which has been limping along for the past six months, has finally bitten the dust.

There were 6 blue screens in a row last night and this morning I get a message that it won't recognise the hard drive and the compy just keeps rebooting :(

I'm using the LG's computer at the moment (he's asleep!) but it doesn't have any of my programs on it and strangely enough I would prefer he use it for his school work. I'm so broke this year I don't know when I can get one for myself.

Of course this would happen when I'm contemplating Yuletide, reccing at [ profile] crack_van and want to do things!!

So if my attention is sporadic for the next few weeks you will know why!
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The LG and I are watching Moonlight and we're on the final episode. I told him it was cancelled and there's no more. And he's all "but it can't be cancelled. The guy and that girl have to have babies like he wants."
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One aspect of the pernicious anemia is that the last 2 weeks before my three-monthly B12 shot comes along, my memory is shot. Read more... )

Anyway this is my convoluted way of telling folks that I've changed my email address. After my gmail was hacked, I eventually got back into my account, but wasn't getting any mail. Also my contact list was all kerfuffled. So after Google's totally unhelpful suggestions I just gave up and started a new account. I had that mail address for damn near 8 years! The new address is bookaddictforty3 at gmail dot com if you want to write to me :) I guess The Signal admin definitely needs to know this.

My computer is staggering along, periodically suffering the blue screen of death; freezing unexplicibly and generally dying. The other day it shut down while I was syncing my iPod and cleared all my songs off and PaintShop won't start anymore. *sobs* So I'm trying to save up for a new compy. Are any of my flist out there using Mac's? And if so - do you like them?
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on one hand...

The LG is only 13 and I'm already over adolescence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his growth rate will slow down and the hormones will settle down and we'll both survive the next few weeks, or more probably years. Tell me I have hope - lie if you have to.

I think I'm a bit less able to cope than usual because of the pernicious anemia which is currently also affecting my ability to do sport or keep up with all the house stuff. I'm just tooooo tired. It's times like these I wish I had a partner to share stuff with.

But on the other hand...

One of my favourite authors commented on the two Chuck/Casey fics I wrote aeons ago and made me feel all accomplished.

I managed to remember to rec for a whole month at [ profile] crack_van, and I have vague rumblings in my head, that may mean I can finish a fic! *dances*
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Thanks to all my flisters who answered my last post and offered to come work for me! I'd have you all in a minute for sure!

As predicted, I have been persona non grata since the meeting on Wednesday. One of the girls hasn't voluntarily spoken to me since, but has had plenty of time to send niggling emails about every facet of an upcoming event. But the thing that annoys me most is the attempt to make me look stupid to my boss..(I'm pretty sure it was deliberate)

you don't have to read this, it's just me getting stuff of my chest )

This makes me want to leave more than ever but unfortunately I didn't get the job I interviewed for :(

There's two more advertised and although I think I'm not high-powered enough for this one or technical enough for for this one, I'm applying for them anyway.
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Yes, it's happened again.

For the fourth time since Christmas, we are flooded in on both sides. Some parts of our area recieved over 200mm of rain in the last 24hrs. (We're in the 68,69 & 70 area)*sigh* Half the LG's school has been sent home because the water is still rising and I'll be persona non grata with him because I haven't come to get him.

We, however, don't get cut off usually and I think he's better off at school than roaming around with his feral friends :D


Feb. 28th, 2011 11:25 am
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Our area again had monsoonal rain falls during the night check out the map - we're the red and orange. There is now a flood warning current *sigh*. One of my staff already can't get to the branch library and some of the others may have to go home if the water rises much further.

Of course the regular 'omg let's buy everything in the shop' rush is on. Really people, even when it's really bad, we only get cut off for a week. Surely everyone has enough food/drink for that??


Feb. 27th, 2011 12:10 am
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William Shatner is coming to Australia! I'd love to see him...

But, he's going to Sydney and Melbourne only. The cheapest ticket way up in the stalls is $119 AUD. I'd have to fly and the cheapest flight, if I can get one, is $99 each way + at least one day in the long term car park. One night of accommodation in Sydney would be pricey too of course.

The thing is on a Tuesday! So what do I do with the LG? He could stay with one of my friends with children his age as opposed to one of his friends whose parents let them stay out on a school night till 11pm.

Also there is the small matter of actually needing the money for boring stuff like eating or car registration etc. :)

I guess I'll just imagine going, it'll be less stressful anyway!
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At last! I have full internet back!

For the past two weeks since the cyclone the internet at home hasn't been working. I've been subsisting on a couple hours a day *staggers*, courtesy of the surf club's USB wireless internet. Finally the Telstra guy actually came to the house yesterday and put everything to rights. What's more, it was no fault of mine, my house, computer etc! It was the phone line and modem - so both were fixed at no cost to me!!! *bounces madly*

Our town is slowly recovering from the cyclone. There are trees down everywhere and the main park in town was decimated. It's so strange to see some places without trees. I'm still cleaning my yard and am at the stage of needing some chain saw mojo for tidying the big trees. I want to take a chain saw course, I figure it would be useful. But it takes 2 full days, so...not this time. Though I'm so annoyed at work, I'm thinking about it *grins*. By doing the course, I get my ticket and can actually be employed as a chain saw expert! Can you picture it???

I really, really want to join the Ship Olymics being run in the Star Trek fandom, but fear I couldn't hold up my end. I'm afraid I'd be the team member the team all talk about because I fail to deliver :(

It's 3 weeks until the LG and I are off to the Junior State Titles. What with floods and cyclones he hasn't done nearly enough training. But we've bought the air fare and booked the accommodation - so we're still going. I'm looking forward to some real waves however and am going to spend at least a couple of hours in the sea :D


Feb. 10th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Hi there everyone! Finally I'm back...

I has electricity! :D Therefore I have internet as well...

It's 8 days since the electricity went off during Cyclone Yasi and boy are we glad to have it back. Living out of the eski (ice box) got old really quick.

We're all fine. I lost the veranda roof, a few panels off the back patio and the LG's shed has a caved roof which is leaking. The house stood up well, we had no broken windows or anything. My trees, like everyone else's took a battering and after the clean-up I can see my house for the first time in years :D

The cyclone was followed by a flood and we had no water for about 3 days, but since I have a gas stove we cooked and ate well the whole time.

Our town is a mess and there's lots of people without power still, some of the outlying areas may be 5 weeks or more. But our town is doing ok thank goodness.

Of course we had the cyclone just when it was my week to do the Daily Captain and Daily Doctor posts at [ profile] jim_and_bones. Lucky for me my fellow comm members did the job for me!

Thanks to to the lovely [ profile] lvs_2read for doing [ profile] firefly_signal and thanks for all my lovely flisters who asked how I was going. *hugs everyone*.

Now I have oceans of fic and vids to catch up on. Glad to see you all!!!!!!! :D
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Cyclone Yasi is now a category 5 and has changed direction again. According to the map the eye may now be a bit closer to us. Though poor Innisfail (Cyclone Larry) looks to be right in it's path.

Because of storm surge, the first two streets close to the beach here have been evacuated, but they say we don't have to go. I could still go into my friend's place, but in reality she's only 17kms away and will get the same impact we will - so I'm undecided. I probably have another 3 hours or so to make up my mind.

The library closed yesterday and the PTBs are turning off the water at 7am (twenty minutes from now) and we've filled up all our water containers. Everything in the yard (branches, bikes, tables etc has been moved inside. I guess we just have to wait it out.
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Strangely for our area we missed (this time) all the terrible floods that occurred South of us, but now we're on Cyclone watch. TC Anthony which reformed after fizzling last week is expected to hit us at category 3 on Monday and another cyclone currently out near Vanuatu is expected to hit Thursday.

I'll be spending all tomorrow (Saturday) hauling branches to the dump and picking up everything around the yard. Cross your fingers that it will all be unneccessary!!


Sep. 18th, 2010 03:07 pm
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It's Saturday and for the first time in 6 months we have no sport to go to! So of course it's raining :) Which means I have four boys in the lounge room playing Call of Duty on the big screen and I'm attempting to write my fic.

Wish me luck!
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It's the first soccer game of the season and of course I need shin pads. After rummaging through the shoe pile I found 7 different types!. How many pairs were there? 1!

1 out of 7! I wonder where all the stray shin pads are? Perhaps I could make a sculpture with all the lonely ones? :D


Aug. 11th, 2010 10:09 pm
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I was hoping to go see William Shatner next year in Sydney. But look at the prices!!!. For one day!!! And that doesn't include my actually getting there. Or taking the LG either. I'd be better off going overseas and combining it with a holiday as I have before...*thinks*
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I'm in the middle of making Chris Pine and Karl Urban icons and the kitten walked on the keyboard and removed all my settings!!!

I can't open any of my screencaps either :(

If she wasn't so cute and purry there would be words...


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