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Hi there flist!

Don't forget to go rec your favourite fics over at the Holiday recathon!. There's still a few days left to post your favourites. Then the mod posts a list of great recs all ready to read over the Christmas season.

The twelve fandoms this year are:-

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who
Iron Man
The Losers
Sherlock Holmes - all versions
Star Trek (reboot)
White Collar
X-Men (anyverse)
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[ profile] crack_van needs people to rec for Magnificent Seven! sign-up here.

For those Highlander peeps on my flist - they need reccers for that fandom too.
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We have 18 vidders offering up works for auction at [ profile] ao3vidders! There's a few people there with Firefly, Merlin and Star Trek in their offers. Why not check it out and get that vid you've always wanted to see done!

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To those of my flisters who vid...

Vidder sign-ups are open at [ profile] ao3vidders!! Since my last auction vid is still languishing I won't be signing up to offer anything. But I'll be sure to bid on a few when bidding opens.

[ profile] colls is holding the auction to benefit the OTW and the efforts to provide a permanent platform for vidders.

If you want to pimp this in other fandoms please do! You're welcome to use the graphic below.

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I'm reccing Firefly again over at [ profile] crack_van and I'm last on the list! If anyone out there wants to sign up the sign-up sheet is here.

Magnificent Seven will need drivers again soon too! That sign-up sheet is here.
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Sign ups for the VIDDING AUCTION to benefit OTW will commence on May 1st!

There's lots more information here at [ profile] ao3vidders.
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Want to tell folks about your favourite Firefly fics, vids and graphics? [ profile] lvs2read has started a new comm! Check out [ profile] fireflyrecs.
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[ profile] wizfics is hosting a Holiday recathon and Firefly is one of the nominated fandoms. Other fandoms that might interest my flisters include - Magnificent Seven, Star Trek Reboot, Torchwood, Leverage.

Why not go along a rec your favourites? Firefly so far has only 10 recs and 3 of them are mine :D FAQs are here.
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Hi icon makers on my flist! Round 4 Sign-ups are now open at [ profile] firefly_rumble. I had fun last round, learning all kinds of new things. And unlike the lims contests, in a rumble you can't get voted out.
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Now is the time to flex those writing muscles...

It's redux time at [ profile] firefly100! There's about 150 one word prompts to choose from and you only have to write 100 words. The maximum word count allowed is 400. It'll be a good jumping off point for those of us writing for the various big bangs *inveigles*.

The redux will run for a fortnight, so you have plently of time :D

Pimp Post

Apr. 30th, 2009 09:22 am
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[ profile] prehistoric_sea is hosting A bring out the porn meme for Open Beta day at Dreamwidth. Why not check it out?

Last call!

Nov. 24th, 2008 08:05 am
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This is the last call for sign-ups for [ profile] serenity_santa which closes on the 30th November.

We've already got quite a few takers - but could always do with more! *pokes the flist*

If you want some Firefly/Serenity fic/graphics/vids here's your chance. The sign-up post is here. Hope to see you there! :D
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I took on the modly duties this year so here's my post. Pimp the comm anywhere you like - it'd be good to get some Firefly/Serenity stuff for Christmas...


Sign-ups for [ profile] serenity_santa are now open!

Are you wishing for more Firefly/Serenity fic, vid or icons? Interested in providing some?

Serenity Santa is an exchange community which operates over the holiday season. Gen, Het and slash works of all ratings are welcome.

The info post is here. Come join us and celebrate Christmas with other Browncoats!


Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:16 am
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Hi there flisters! The Summer of Jaylee ficathon is here again!

It was fun last year - why not join up and give us some fic?

There can never be enough Firefly love :D

Here's a bit of the blurb...

Any fic about our favorite merc and mechanic is what we're after. It can be a romantic Jaylee pairing, a PWP, or a platonic relationship, as long as Jayne and Kaylee are the main characters of the story, feel free to write it for the ficathon! Angst, humor, drama, action/adventure; all are happily accepted.

Sign up here and go wild!
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I'm currently running a challenge over at [ profile] jaylee_ship using the Random Title generator. Why not check it out?

Fic and/or graphic entries are welcome and can be pre-Jaylee, friendship or totally Jaylee.

Come and join in and have fun...


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