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I'm hanging out to watch episode one of Season two. But first the LG and his mate must play Halo on my TV and then I've got to take them fishing. But in about 3 hours...

Me being me however, I'm reading all the episode reaction posts and for heaven's sake...

if you're watching for the plot only - go watch another show.

Ok H50 doesn't have the most coherent story going. But so what. That's why we write and read fan fiction. What the show has in abundance is gorgeous scenery and cast, a story that rocks along with a touch of action, a bit of angst, lots of fun and some of the best character interaction. Enjoy it!!
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The LG is flicking through the channels and has stopped on 'In the night garden' to torment me. It's horrifying!!!!!!!! *runs screaming*

Thank god the program didn't exist when he was little - I think I'd be traumatised for life :DD
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Episodes 8,9, 10 of Game of thrones??

The LG and I have devoured eps 1-6 in two days and I can get the 7th, but haven't found the other eps!

Has anyone got a link to these? I'd really love to finish the series. I never thought I'd like it. The changes from books to screen usually drive me insane, but good!
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The LG and I are watching Moonlight and we're on the final episode. I told him it was cancelled and there's no more. And he's all "but it can't be cancelled. The guy and that girl have to have babies like he wants."
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on one hand...

The LG is only 13 and I'm already over adolescence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his growth rate will slow down and the hormones will settle down and we'll both survive the next few weeks, or more probably years. Tell me I have hope - lie if you have to.

I think I'm a bit less able to cope than usual because of the pernicious anemia which is currently also affecting my ability to do sport or keep up with all the house stuff. I'm just tooooo tired. It's times like these I wish I had a partner to share stuff with.

But on the other hand...

One of my favourite authors commented on the two Chuck/Casey fics I wrote aeons ago and made me feel all accomplished.

I managed to remember to rec for a whole month at [ profile] crack_van, and I have vague rumblings in my head, that may mean I can finish a fic! *dances*
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Yes, it's happened again.

For the fourth time since Christmas, we are flooded in on both sides. Some parts of our area recieved over 200mm of rain in the last 24hrs. (We're in the 68,69 & 70 area)*sigh* Half the LG's school has been sent home because the water is still rising and I'll be persona non grata with him because I haven't come to get him.

We, however, don't get cut off usually and I think he's better off at school than roaming around with his feral friends :D


Feb. 27th, 2011 12:10 am
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William Shatner is coming to Australia! I'd love to see him...

But, he's going to Sydney and Melbourne only. The cheapest ticket way up in the stalls is $119 AUD. I'd have to fly and the cheapest flight, if I can get one, is $99 each way + at least one day in the long term car park. One night of accommodation in Sydney would be pricey too of course.

The thing is on a Tuesday! So what do I do with the LG? He could stay with one of my friends with children his age as opposed to one of his friends whose parents let them stay out on a school night till 11pm.

Also there is the small matter of actually needing the money for boring stuff like eating or car registration etc. :)

I guess I'll just imagine going, it'll be less stressful anyway!
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At last! I have full internet back!

For the past two weeks since the cyclone the internet at home hasn't been working. I've been subsisting on a couple hours a day *staggers*, courtesy of the surf club's USB wireless internet. Finally the Telstra guy actually came to the house yesterday and put everything to rights. What's more, it was no fault of mine, my house, computer etc! It was the phone line and modem - so both were fixed at no cost to me!!! *bounces madly*

Our town is slowly recovering from the cyclone. There are trees down everywhere and the main park in town was decimated. It's so strange to see some places without trees. I'm still cleaning my yard and am at the stage of needing some chain saw mojo for tidying the big trees. I want to take a chain saw course, I figure it would be useful. But it takes 2 full days, so...not this time. Though I'm so annoyed at work, I'm thinking about it *grins*. By doing the course, I get my ticket and can actually be employed as a chain saw expert! Can you picture it???

I really, really want to join the Ship Olymics being run in the Star Trek fandom, but fear I couldn't hold up my end. I'm afraid I'd be the team member the team all talk about because I fail to deliver :(

It's 3 weeks until the LG and I are off to the Junior State Titles. What with floods and cyclones he hasn't done nearly enough training. But we've bought the air fare and booked the accommodation - so we're still going. I'm looking forward to some real waves however and am going to spend at least a couple of hours in the sea :D


Sep. 18th, 2010 03:07 pm
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It's Saturday and for the first time in 6 months we have no sport to go to! So of course it's raining :) Which means I have four boys in the lounge room playing Call of Duty on the big screen and I'm attempting to write my fic.

Wish me luck!
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Hi there flist! Long time, no ramble.

Though I think that may be changing. After two years of fuzzy brain and general failness, I think we have my pernicious anemia under control! Woot!

I've had the second of my B12 injections (they hurt like crazy) and with a combination of natural remedies seem to be on the up and up! Maybe I'll even be able to finish some fics - wouldn't that be nice? It would make me feel 100% anyway :D

In other news - The LG's football team went down 26-12 in the grand final. They were disappointed, but boy did they play well. And it was 30 degrees! (86 in farenheit) At 9am in the morning! And it's not even summer yet. The kids are already planning next year's campaign :D

With the end of football, surf club starts next week and we're onto our next wave (joke) of sporting contests. We've done our pool swims and I was pleased that I managed the 8 laps in way less than 9 minutes. Yay! Though I'm vowing not to do 70 hours of voluntary patrol this year! I'm getting too old...

Fandom wise -

The first ep of Merlin S3 screens today!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! I'm hoping someone on my flist will upload it before I drown in the squee. Why do we have to wait more than six months? *pouts*

Star Trek fandom continues to eat my brains, and I'm labouring away at the reel_startrek fic. Even with my labouring, the fic will probably come in at under 10000 words. This in a fandom where 30000 + fics are common. *sigh*

Anyway flist, that's enough about me. What are you all up to? I'm dying to know! :D


May. 24th, 2010 10:23 pm
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Hey there flist! I've been kind of MIA the last couple of weeks. We've had so many sporting events and meetings at work lately. I've even missed my regular icon contests this week *pouts*.

I did manage to get the [ profile] reel_merlin draft in at least. I'm hoping to actually finish it! Cross you fingers.

Last Saturday saw me go to my first Masters swimming carnival. I did enjoy it! It was great to see all the varying ages, sizes and abilities there and good to do something for myself too. I did quite well, making best times for all my races and won 5 out of 5! Amazing!!

Right now I'm feeling guilty though :(

The LG got tackled on Saturday and has had a bit of a sore neck. This hasn't prevented him going on his scooter everywhere on Sunday and today going to football practice mind you. But tonight he was watching CSI and the guy in it died from a broken neck in a car crash and Horatio said it could have taken days after the event for this to happen. The LG has been wibbling ever since - 'what if he's going to die?' I told him I thought it was unlikely and have withstood his suggestions to go to the hospital. He swore he wouldn't be able to sleep from the worry, but has passed out on the couch and now I'm feeling bad! LOL I'm a heartless mother...
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The LG ran in the district cross-country today and came second in his age group. They ran 3 kilometers and he and the other LG that came first were very, very far ahead of everyone else.

This means in a couple of week's time we're off again to the Regional competition.

Check out the photos behind the cut. Read more... )
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The mods at [ profile] reel_merlin have extended the time for first drafts. Thank god. Because I'm not happy with my story. I am happy that I've actually written something, even though there are gaps. But I think the story is boring and that maybe I've done too much scene by scene re-telling. Hmmmm...Heads up to [ profile] intinerant_vae and [ profile] strangevisitor7! You may soon recieve said boring fic in your email for comment.

Today we went to the local markets and ended up with a kitten. The LG would not be gainsayed *sigh*. The kitten (christened Midnight) is very cute, but I really didn't want something else to look after. Rex the dog is very puzzled and he and the kitten are currently pretending the other doesn't exist!

In two weeks time I'm off to Cairns to compete in a Masters swimming carnival. I'm not too sure how I feel about this - it's 32 years since I swam competitively.

The LG has been keeping us in fish lately. His enthusiasm knows no bounds where fishing is concerned. Check out the photo behind the cut...Read more... )

The LG (who really isn't little anymore. He's taller than every other child at school, his teacher and the principal), is busy with football (Rugby League) and other sports. Last Thursday he won the cross-country at school and this week is off to the district competition.

It's looking like rain outside and I'm planning Chicken Kiev and roast veges for dinner. What are you guys having?


Apr. 3rd, 2010 10:19 am
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I now have holidays for the next three weeks! *jumps up and down* One of those weeks is State Titles week for the LG, so technically not a holiday, but still I'll be on a break.

Hopefully during that time, I'll be working like crazy on my [ profile] reel_merlin fic. I can actually hear it in my head. It's a long time since that happened.

I can never understand anon communities. Read more... )

It's nearly time to go out to the garden and slash at a ton of trees. One disadvantage of living in the tropics is that everything grows insanely fast and I spend half my life outside cutting down vines and tree branches.

Another disadvantage is that chocolate must be kept in the fridge. This makes hiding Easter eggs extremely difficult. Of course the LG, now 12 and not so little, doesn't really need the eggs to be hidden, but it's tradition!!!

The last couple of days a lovely person has been commenting on some of my old fic. This bolsters my faltering fic writing ego and is so encouraging. I really have to stop lurking and comment on people's stories. I used to comment on everything Firefly, but have become quite the stalker in the Merlin and Star Trek fandoms. In fact I might go comment on some of those Star Trek fics which people are bashing *sticks out tongue at bashers*.

See you soon! :DD
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My copy of Total Recall has arrived, so now I can get down to watching it a few times and hopefully writing the [ profile] reel_merlin fic. It's interesting to note that my memory of the film was pretty good and I was a bit appalled to realise how many of the one-liners I can still quote!

Along with my copy of TR, I also bought the first two series of Robin of Sherwood. I was enamoured of this show back in the eighties and watched every episode. Did anyone else (those of you who weren't tiny children :D) watch it? It had all the ingredients to push my buttons - a heavy dose of mythos, lots of sword fights, the sheriff's voice (I could listen to him forever) and a bit of snark to leaven the drama.

What TV did you watch in the 80s? Things I can remember - Blake's 7, endless repeats of Star Trek (TOS), Dr Who, Centennial, Miami Vice, to name but a few...

The LG has made the State Titles for surf club, Read more... )
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I've made it through the second round of [ profile] merlin_ldws! This amazes me since I had doubts about both my drabbles. But I'm pleased because I actually wrote and posted two fics in two weeks! Cross your fingers I keep going :) I think I shall post them to my journal soon.

I'm considering a change to my journal page. Though I loooooove my Jaylee header, maybe it's time for a change? It is a very long time since I made any changes. But on the other hand...

The LG was sick today and after attending a 'must attend' meeting I came home to mind him. We have had a surfiet of day time and children's tv as a consequence :) My personal favourite is Shaun the sheep. I love that show! :DD It's always good for a laugh.

This last year I've been totally remiss and missed many many birthdays! I apologise flist - I'm still here and love you all! *hugs madly*
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It was 32 (89.6) degrees today with 95% humidity. Even I noticed the humidity, and we couldn't go for a swim at the beach because it's closed because of rough weather *pouts*.

It's back to school for the LG tomorrow - his last year at primary school! I feel very old :D I've been busily buying school books, clothes and shoes and he's grown again since Christmas. Size 11 men's shoes! And I'm yet to buy footy boots for the season *mourns*


Nov. 19th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I still don't have a name for my big bang fic - woe!

The LG when not able to sleep but banned to his bedroom chose to watch Rio Bravo as his DVD :D He's so indoctrinated...

The LG had his intra-small school swimming carnival today and did his personal best time in all four strokes. *beams pridefully*

My mother, who is 84 this year, went to her first ever make-up party! She made me laugh with her description of how the younger (60ish) ladies got their colours done :D She had her skin moisturised, but drew the line at anything else.

There's only 1 week of work left till I have 4 weeks off! *dances*

It looks like I might be running [ profile] serenity_santa after all. I truly thought there wouldn't be any interest.


Oct. 14th, 2009 08:00 pm
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We're home from our recent Library conference and glad to be back and catching up with the flist. *waves to flist* *huggles*

The LG spent hours upon hours in the pool at the hotel we stayed at and hopefully will be tired enough to sleep at the appropriate time tonight :) And I am setting up my new laptop...

The old one cracked at the hinges and refused to dispense anything via the screen anymore :( So I'll be ringing the insurance guys tomorrow and hope they'll pay me some money to cover the cost of the new laptop I've already bought!! *crosses fingers* It's also off to the computer shop and the hope they can retrieve my hard drive.

Until then no icons can be may made and it's the last week of [ profile] firefly_rumble. Also I'm going to have to resurrect my Big Bang fic from the outline I sent to the mod! *wibbles* I'm supposed to have most of the 20,000 words written by 23rd Oct and I wrote quite a lot at the conference due to lack of internet - now it's in limbo :(

Also apologies in advance to [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowritings for the delay in return of beta'ed fic - since it's on the old computer too.

But I have a new, faster computer with a larger memory. It came with Vista (yuck), but with automatic upgrade to Windows7 when it's released. I can't wait :) *is a geek*
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We had the first surf carnival of the season on the weekend and all had great fun. I won't subject you to photos of me panting through my swim, but following is some photos of the LG. He did really well by winning the swim, ironman and board and coming 2nd in the sprint and flags - this made him age champion! photos )


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