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Can you believe it??? hmmmm - wonder if it works?.
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It’s our first day back at work since just before Christmas. There was a line up of folks outside who’ve been deprived of books for 10 days, it’s about 90 degrees outside and more in here – and the air-conditioning isn’t working!!!

We don’t have any water either which means the restrooms aren’t working and the automatic doors don’t like the heat and keep opening and closing. It’s the beginning of a typical year at the library. It’s nice to know that some things never change…
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I got a Christmas card in the post today from [ profile] squish_67 *twirls* thank you so much! I love Christmas cards and my flist. Squish also bought me more time on LJ *hugs her* which means I have space for 110 icons! Gone are the days when I thought 6 was plenty. Now I'm tossing up between all the hundreds I've got saved to fill my 110! Things sure change...

I'm currently obsessed with finishing my secret santa fic - Read more... )

The little guy has been watching the Princess Bride and is going around quoting Indigo Montoya. He and I had a fencing match in the yard yesterday with all the appropriate words and gestures. (yes we're weird) He got a scooter for Christmas and spends all his other time riding it everywhere and I spend all my time looking for him. *sigh*

It's only 11.15pm so I'm going to stare at my fic for awhile. Take care everyone and have a very Happy New Year!!!
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We're back from the child's long awaited weekend at the Surf Lifesaving Branch Titles in Bowen. In seems like an awfully long weekend...

We had a good weekend except for some minor problems. I drove the four hour drive on Friday so I wouldn’t have to get up and leave home at four in the morning, not my favourite thing.

We had a great time stopping at all the fruit stalls, buying all the in season fruit and buying bananas that weren’t $12.99 a kilo. I stopped at the local library for a chat and a tour – which means I can write off the mileage and petrol on my tax…

Our Motel was pretty nice. The club books en masse and we got one of the refurbished rooms and had a microwave and all. The little guy was impressed with the scrub turkeys and bush walk and the fact that there was a cove right at the back of our room. We even saw a turtle swimming there. The child woke up at 5.00am and we had to go exploring - but I survived.

My minor problem occurred at home with the dog! He’s an escape artist and after he escaped for possibly the millionth time on Wednesday I decided he’d have to go on a running lead.Read more... )

On Saturday it turned out all the younger members events were all on Sunday, much to everyone’s dismay. My little guy wasn’t too bent out of shape as it meant he could have a play in the stinger net and I got inveigled into being an official for the day!

Read more... )

With the Branch titles over and only one major school event left before we leave, I can now concentrate on our holiday…It’s only 13 days till we leave for the States!

The child’s passport, the problematic one, has arrived. My passport, the straight-forward one hasn’t. If it doesn’t turn up today I have to ring the passport office. Since it’s next to impossible to talk to an actual human there you may have to listen to some ranting about bureaucracy…

I was going to say lots of fic related things too – but shall spare you until later! *evil laugh*


Oct. 27th, 2006 02:11 pm
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With the next carnival coming up this weekend I thought I'd post some photos of the boy in action at the last one! He made Under 9 Age Champion!!

I reduced the photos but they might take a while to download on dial-up - sorry.

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It’s only one month till I leave for the States! Only one month! I still can’t find my passport and even I am becoming slightly panicked by this. During the great passport hunt though, I’ve found my camera which has been missing for a least a year, and some jewellery.

Read more... )

Crocodiles have been spotted at Picnic Bay, the place we’re supposed to be going to a surf carnival this weekend.

Read more... )

The dog has spent the last week escaping from the concentration camp that is my yard. The fence is 6 foot high, I’ve blocked off every possible escape route I can find and he still gets out!

Read more... )

On a happier note – it looks like the powers that be will let us have the coffee vending machine in the library!! A victory that’s taken me two years of nagging, bitching and Machiavelli type manoeuvres to achieve!! *dance*

Brain dead

Oct. 14th, 2006 11:58 am
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We've finished day one of the 1st surf carnival of the season! Yay!! But now I'm sort of dead. I have ideas for my fics but can't write them, so I'm reading, commenting and rambling instead...

Read more... )

Once my brain deadness is over I shall finish that thing for [ profile] squish_67 *grins* and do the beta-ing for [ profile] jayneswoman - sorry for the delay!! And hopefully write another chapter for Them That Choose it etc. etc.

For those familiar with MJ Phillips Firefly artwork. He's just opened up an online store to sell it And I think [ profile] cantonheroine, should do something similar - your work is fantastic after all!!

Grr Ah!!

Oct. 12th, 2006 01:05 am
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To borrow a phrase from [ profile] cheshire_monkey who is apparently having problems too....

Why are they called Human Resources?

Cause they are obviously neither Human or Resourceful....

*end rant*
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I can see! I can see! *dances*

After nearly three months of viruses, running eyes, blurred vision and playing soccer in my glasses, my eyes have settled down and I can see again!

I wore my new lenses for the whole day yesterday and they went well. They lasted an afternoon at the beach and everything. The real test is today at work. Looking at the computer and sitting in the air conditioning – cross your fingers for me!!!

We had a beautiful afternoon at the beach yesterday afternoon.

Read more... )

For two years at least I have been agitating for a coffee machine at work. It seemed to me an easy way to raise a little money and offer an additional service to our customers and since we share a space with TAFE (a community college) I saw a ready made market going begging.Read more... )

It's 47 days till I leave for the States! OMG!! New York first. Any recommendations? Then I'm driving I think to [ profile] squish_67's place and then Flan!! I really can't wait.
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[ profile] bookishtype and I are playing soccer against each other tomorrow night! Be ready for tales of derring-do from us!!

Since their team is in general about 20 years younger than ours, our pride is going to be at stake and we will be trying hard to win.

Unfortunately we've already promised colleagues we won't resort to fisticuffs, but I can try scare tactics. *nods head* Except strangely enough [ profile] bookishtype isn't scared of me....


Sep. 26th, 2006 10:25 pm
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Today it dawned on me that is exactly two months before me and the little guy fly out to the US! Two months! I'm not organised enough, RL keeps interfering. His passport needs renewing. My pack has seen better days. He has no warm clothes and the summer stock has been on sale here for the last couple of months.

On the bright side, I've paid for the airfare, South California pass and Flan!! There's a babysitter at Flan so I'm counting on actually getting together with you guys one night to celebrate! I'm really looking forward to this holiday and meeting everyone.

Which leads me to thinking about the aforementioned friends. Read more... )

Now I've got to stop rambling and go hang out the washing....Anyone want to come over and do the housework???
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I love playing soccer, but sometimes I wonder why I do. Every year I manage one or two injuries. Last night I had four! Four!! I think that’s my quota for the year!

First I slipped while stopping the ball and managed to injure two sides of the same knee, knocking open an old scar and bleeding everywhere. They made me go off till the bleeding was under control…

Then I copped a ball straight in the breasts – Ouch!! And another in the genitals – Bigger ouch!!

Then to top things off I put my foot in a depression and gave my ankle a twist. And worst of all – we lost. 2 – 0

When I finally limped home and had a shower, put the child to bed etc I realised that I’d claimed a chapter of Tenuous. I did that last week too!! Sometimes I wonder where my brain has gone *Grins*

Anyway I posted my chapter though I’m not happy with it. Please go and read and either reassure or yell at me…The link

Edit: I just checked and people liked my chapter *dances*. So you can ignore my insecure rambles if you like!!
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A couple of weeks ago [ profile] cheshire_monkey wanted to send something overseas. So I gave her our address.....and yesterday a gift arrived. And it's cool and Fireflyish and cute, the child couldn't wait and took them to show-and-tell at school today. A set of goslings to juggle, contained in a Chinese Take-out container. So check out the photos, if I can make them work. The child is the blond, cute one - I am not.

Thanks so much [ profile] cheshire_monkey we love them.

The geese in person

The child with the geese

Juggling geese

Me and him (hope I'm not too scary *grins*)
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I've patched the picnic blanket yet again and remembered to put it and my chair in the car. (a real accomplishment!)

The child's shin guards and boots are in the bag, the muffins are made and I found the thermos. The eski is in the kitchen waiting to be filled and the water bottles are in the freezer.

There's a book for me to read and my notebook in case the muse hits and I found the street in the directory and put sunblock and mosquito repellant in the bag. All I have to do is set the alarm and I'm ready! *dances*

We're off to soccer tomorrow.......


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