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Your card came and it made my day!!! I feel the same...*mega hugs*
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The last part of our travels. I'll do the con report with Adam squeeing seperately to save my family who just don't understand! :D

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More goodies arrived today from the wonderful [ profile] cheshire_monkey!! Some great Firefly postcards, a button (badge for us Aussies), one of Eleventh Hour's beautifully illustrated cards and a great Browncoat coffee mug...

I picked them up from the post office this morning before going to work and spent the day re-examining everything! The inner (and outer) fangirl is very satisfied right now :)

The ladies at the small post office nearest my place are fascinated by the boxes that arrive for me periodically from OS. The postie even stopped me in the street to tell me about this latest parcel!

Thanks so much my friend! *swings the Monkey round wildly*
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*hugs and dances with [ profile] ladytalon1*!!!!

Her parcel arrived today and contained some wonderous things!!

At last I can watch all the episodes of Day Break and drool over Adam as Chad. I only saw 3 episodes last year when I was in the States and I've been dying to see the rest :) Now I have to wait till I get home to watch it *pouts and looks at clock*. Only 6 hours to go...

My wonderful friend also sent the first 5 episodes of Blood Ties which I can't wait to see and a wonderful "Let's Be Bad Guys" shirt.

The little guy and I had a fight about that shirt LOL! Since it has Jayne and his guns on the front, he wanted it. With a too adult look on his face he told me that "You're losing weight really good, but your top part is too big for that shirt." He gave me a consoling pat and will be pleased to find out he is right. He's going to be wearing that shirt with pride wherever he goes *sigh*.

My Firefly Companion : volume two has arrived as well and so has all 5 seasons of Highlander which I ordered for work. My geek girl cup runneth over :D

*swings ladyT around some more* Thank you so much!!!!
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Since the announcement of the StarFury event people already booked for the cruise have been a bit worried so this is good news

Ron Glass Confirmed!
Cruise price cut by whopping $400!
March 24, 2007

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Price comparisons and such are available on the News page at The Browncoat cruise website.

Of course I'm hoping one of the other BDHs will be Adam - keep your fingers crossed!


Mar. 16th, 2007 09:46 pm
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Thank you [ profile] siarh for the gift that arrived today!! *multiple hugs*

I loved the card also - very appropriate *grins*. And the little guy was intrigued by Ruby's kiss and offered it to Rex (our dog) for his approval...


Feb. 22nd, 2007 01:58 pm
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We've had a mega busy time this last week, what with Valentine's celebrations at the library, school and sport events and of course a hectic work schedule. I'm sooo tired and am really looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

Then I got a lovely gift in the mail today! *hugs & hugs & hugs* to [ profile] sirah!

I'm almost rejuvenated! Having already eaten my chocolate heart and planning great things to fill up the journal. The little guy will be over the moon with all the lollies and biscuits too!

I also got my nice Photobucket - Video and Image HostingStrangely literal author banner. Can anyone tell me how to post it on my user info page?

I love my flist…

Thank you

Jan. 27th, 2007 09:56 pm
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I didn't answer at the time, but thank you to all my friends for your supportive comments the other day. They really helped when I was feeling sad.

Thank you too to [ profile] prehistoric_sea for the postcard, it arrived today and after my long trip home, it cheered me up a lot!

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While I was away the little guy was not very well-behaved and went to the beach without my mother. He didn't wear sunblock or a hat (standard rules) and then for some unknown reason took his shirt off and is now nursing the worst sunburn I've ever seen. He's so red it's not funny and his skin is already blistering. With school starting on Tuesday, putting his uniform on will be agony. He's grounded for a month!!

Now I'm back from the funeral, things will be getting back to normal I hope. To those I owe chapters, they'll be coming soon I promise.

And once again thanks to all my flist for being such great friends.
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I hope you have a wonderful one my friend!!

Happy times

Jan. 6th, 2007 08:42 pm
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I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday. Thank you to [ profile] maantre and [ profile] cheshire_monkey for the beautiful Christmas cards, they really brightened my day! Thanks too for the beautiful photos and the pretty crane. I love getting letters in the mail and hope to reciprocate soon! *hugs*
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I got a Christmas card in the post today from [ profile] squish_67 *twirls* thank you so much! I love Christmas cards and my flist. Squish also bought me more time on LJ *hugs her* which means I have space for 110 icons! Gone are the days when I thought 6 was plenty. Now I'm tossing up between all the hundreds I've got saved to fill my 110! Things sure change...

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The little guy has been watching the Princess Bride and is going around quoting Indigo Montoya. He and I had a fencing match in the yard yesterday with all the appropriate words and gestures. (yes we're weird) He got a scooter for Christmas and spends all his other time riding it everywhere and I spend all my time looking for him. *sigh*

It's only 11.15pm so I'm going to stare at my fic for awhile. Take care everyone and have a very Happy New Year!!!


Dec. 25th, 2006 09:29 pm
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Thank you all for making this last year so great. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! *hugs to all*


Oct. 2nd, 2006 09:50 pm
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[ profile] bookishtype has made me another banner. This time for my story Them That Choose it. Check it out, isn't it beautiful and isn't she talented?

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I finally have a new journal header!! Courtesy of [ profile] maantre doesn't it look great and isn't she talented?

Thanks again [ profile] maantre *hugs & cuddles*. A fic is in the works for you - I promise.
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I seem to posting a lot today! Sorry in advance for the flooding....

But I just gotta say thank you to [ profile] squish_67!! Because we (Me and the little guy) got a present in the mail. *dances* In case you didn't realise it from last time - I love presents!

I can't find my camera - so you just get a description -

The little handmade book is beautiful and so is the card. The photos are great (I love to see what people look like!), the horse photo has gone to school where there was much skiting about 'my friends in America'. The Serenity Visual Companion - what can I say - will be used so much, that the cover would fall off if I wasn't in the book trade!!

Thank you, thank you squish. And in return I will write you a fic of your choice - prompt me!


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