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Using a Mac is like learning a new language! But I tell you, when I have money, I'll be buying one for myself. I'm totally converted.

But to my question -

How on earth do I save pics from pic spams etc? I figure making icons is a great way to learn Photoshop, but I need pics to do that with.

Probably it's something really simple :D
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I bought the work MacBook home with me for the 10 day break with the intention of loading the Adobe Master Suite onto it. The morons at IT were supposed to do it, but hadn't and I'm supposed to be teaching people how to use it in January!!

So I've loaded the software, (Boy I was I nervous the licence cost so much and it's work stuff - so nervous), and now I'm going to try and use Photoshop. I used Paintshop for years, so hopefully it's similar.

Do any of you, my knowledgable flisters, know how to use the Adobe Bridge function in Photoshop? Or Premiere? I have to teach people both (or all) who knows. I'm not going to let such an expensive piece of software go unused.

Any tips or tricks are welcome :) There may be virtual hugs available :D
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Today my computer is recognising the WiFi, but for some reason I can't read my flist! I can individually access comms, but when I click on the Friends page - nada.

Anyway, last night when I couldn't access the Wireless from my computer I was reading on my iPod. Reading the internet on my iPod is always productive of exasperation as I get aggravated with having to make every page I go to larger and that when I do so, I end up hitting Copy everytime which dims the screen, and then I can't read anyway *pouts*. So I'm bitching about this and then I think 'self get a grip! Do you remember when...?'

The first time I ever read a fanfic was about 32 years ago, and boy was it different then.

I was 17 when someone at work handed me a much photocopied, handwritten and carbon copied stack of papers with the remark that since I liked Dr Who and reading, I might like to read it.

I took it home and started reading and it was so different and interesting - I was hooked. Despite the terrible handwriting, the story got me in and I adored it. It was Nyssa/The Keeper of Traken and as such blew my mind. After all the KOT was a statue and Nyssa 17 or younger, not a relationship possibility that (at the time) I would ever have imagined. The Dr was there being his usual self and it was all new and not finished...

I rushed back to work and found the person who gave me the story and begged for the rest. But it turned out her cousin hadn't finished it. The cousin however sent me a zine to read and the rest is history...

How did my flisters get into fanfic and fandom in general? I'd love to know :)
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Episodes 8,9, 10 of Game of thrones??

The LG and I have devoured eps 1-6 in two days and I can get the 7th, but haven't found the other eps!

Has anyone got a link to these? I'd really love to finish the series. I never thought I'd like it. The changes from books to screen usually drive me insane, but good!


Jul. 26th, 2011 06:25 pm
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Well it looks like LJ is down again? Anyone know what's happening?

Though some of my lovely flisters are over here, most of the comms I love exist over on LJ as do lots and lots of friends. I'll never fully move from there - I just wish the site was more stable :(

Does anyone have any favourite Star Trek, Merlin or Hawaii Five-0 comms here on Dreamwidth?
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Thanks to [ profile] weepingnaiad and [ profile] rotrude for the awesome chocolate heads :D

*hugs you*
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I have five Dreamwidth codes if anyone wants them! Just comment here and they shall be yours.

I don't actually use Dreamwidth much, all the comms I like and most of my flisters are more active here. But it is great to have as a back-up. Just my two-cents :D


Feb. 27th, 2011 12:10 am
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William Shatner is coming to Australia! I'd love to see him...

But, he's going to Sydney and Melbourne only. The cheapest ticket way up in the stalls is $119 AUD. I'd have to fly and the cheapest flight, if I can get one, is $99 each way + at least one day in the long term car park. One night of accommodation in Sydney would be pricey too of course.

The thing is on a Tuesday! So what do I do with the LG? He could stay with one of my friends with children his age as opposed to one of his friends whose parents let them stay out on a school night till 11pm.

Also there is the small matter of actually needing the money for boring stuff like eating or car registration etc. :)

I guess I'll just imagine going, it'll be less stressful anyway!
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You know what the beloved [ profile] cheshire_monkey sent me for Christmas???

The Shepherd's Tale!!. *hugs [ profile] cheshire_monkey till she's blue in the face*!

It's a great version too - hard cover, glossy pages...I can't wait to get home and read it!

I didn't send anything to anybody this year :( But will try to do better this year :)
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My friend's daughter is currently working in London as a nanny and is desparate for a place to stay!!

She's having a very hard time finding nice, safe accommodation where she can actually unpack her bags. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Her job is located somewhere around Notting Hill and she walks to work - we'd love to find her somewhere close.

Her mum says she can cook and is clean in the house and is employed for as long as she wants to stay.
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Hey there flist! *waves*

I've been away Friday and Saturday night and most of Sunday and have just booted up LJ. I'm at skip 150 and you're still going!!! And there's lots of nice fic too *bounces* It'll take me days to catch up :DD
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Apparently tinypic is no longer accepting uploads from international locations. They're directing folks to Photobucket. Talk about major fail :(
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Hi there flist! Long time, no ramble.

Though I think that may be changing. After two years of fuzzy brain and general failness, I think we have my pernicious anemia under control! Woot!

I've had the second of my B12 injections (they hurt like crazy) and with a combination of natural remedies seem to be on the up and up! Maybe I'll even be able to finish some fics - wouldn't that be nice? It would make me feel 100% anyway :D

In other news - The LG's football team went down 26-12 in the grand final. They were disappointed, but boy did they play well. And it was 30 degrees! (86 in farenheit) At 9am in the morning! And it's not even summer yet. The kids are already planning next year's campaign :D

With the end of football, surf club starts next week and we're onto our next wave (joke) of sporting contests. We've done our pool swims and I was pleased that I managed the 8 laps in way less than 9 minutes. Yay! Though I'm vowing not to do 70 hours of voluntary patrol this year! I'm getting too old...

Fandom wise -

The first ep of Merlin S3 screens today!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! I'm hoping someone on my flist will upload it before I drown in the squee. Why do we have to wait more than six months? *pouts*

Star Trek fandom continues to eat my brains, and I'm labouring away at the reel_startrek fic. Even with my labouring, the fic will probably come in at under 10000 words. This in a fandom where 30000 + fics are common. *sigh*

Anyway flist, that's enough about me. What are you all up to? I'm dying to know! :D


Apr. 30th, 2010 03:49 pm
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I need help from my brilliant flisters!

I have a 64kb Ipod Touch and I love it! But I'm not using it to it's full potential. I want to watch some of the million (Slight exageration)fanvids I've downloaded. How do I do this? Anyone know?

New header

Mar. 24th, 2010 07:32 pm
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See what [ profile] ru_salki99 made for me! *points at header* Isn't she lovely? *huggles her*

Yes, believe it or not, I'm changing my journal a little. I might even change my default icon! *gasp*

At the moment I'm working at the layout colours and am not sure about this combination.

Tell me what you think...
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Hi there flist!

I'm in drastic need of a pinch-hitter for my very last person at [ profile] serenity_santa.

There were two people whose gift givers didn't come through. Which wasn't bad really.
I've got one pinch-hitter working right now, but need another. It's getting a bit late and I'm feeling sorry for the poor last person. SInce my muse is not reliable at the moment, I don't trust myself to do it.

Any takers????
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logo maker -

Thanks for the extra 2 months paid time!!!

You brightened up my otherwise crappy week *hugs you again*


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