How come?

Nov. 23rd, 2007 10:49 pm
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These things happen to me?

It's 3 days (more or less) till I leave on the first leg of my trip.

I'm not packed, or have the house clean (my mother will lecture me), or caught up at work, or finished writing all my lists for my mother and the little guy.

In my head, today was supposed to be catch up day at work. I spent the first 3 hours of my work time at the little guy's school swimming carnival (school forgot to tell me about it until yesterday) and the last 3 hours at the optomertrist's and the doctors.

Somehow I'd picked up a 'foreign body' in my eye. Since it's only 2 months since the laser surgery, panic ensued. The optomertrist couldn't get it out, so he rang my doctor, who managed to make room for me straight away. After a fair bit of fiddling, the aid of a needle and lots of flinching on my part, I'm just no good with folks touching my eyes he did remove the dumb thing.

Now I have a small hole in my eye with lots of potential for infection. So I'm back on antiseptic drops and have to go see the doctor again Monday morning just before I go. Cross your fingers that nothing else happens...
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I picked up my tickets today! *does the ticket dance* Only 25 days till I leave now - the time is getting closer and I still have much to organise. They've added a few more VIPs to the line-up, so things are looking good too. I still wish for more BDHs but we can't have everything I guess. It just gives me an excuse to go to another con sometime :D

It's been 5 weeks since my eye changeRead more... )

Today after work the little guy and I went for a swim and there were actually enough waves to go body surfing!!Read more... )

I've lost 14(30.8lbs, the point 8 is important! *nods*) kilos now and am working towards losing the last 6. If I lose them I've made my target!!! *cross your fingers*

Also don't forget [ profile] serenity_santa exchange is still open. It's a great chance to both give and recieve fic, vids, icons about the 'Verse.

The WIPs are still just that, but I'm working on them and hope to post some soon

I'm home!

Sep. 24th, 2007 10:52 pm
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I'm home, I'm home...*yawn*. I had good intentions of writing fic and answering comments but the bed is calling and I must answer :D

Updates on eyes and our visit to Australia Zoo tomorrow - I have one day off left! *twirls*

But just one excited note! I paid for my airfare today!!!!!! It's been booked for ages and today was final payment day - and I did it. Now I'm officially broke, what with paying for my eyes and the airfare - next year I'm not going anywhere!! (that's what I always say mind you :))
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I can see! Without help! And it's amazing. I've been wearing glasses since constantly since I was nine, but never actually saw well even before that.

I had the procedure yesterday at about 2.15 and here I am glassesless today. I'll be describing what they did cause [ profile] ladytalon1 is interested in having it done, so I'm putting it behind a cut. Read more... )

The little guy and I got back to where we're staying and I took the sleeping pill they gave me and fell asleep. He looked after me, till my neice's flatmate got back, got his own dinner and everything and answered the phone etc.

Today I went back for the post-op check and they said my vision was doing well. I've got to keep put various drops in every 2 to 3 hours (Something I'm not good at), but the eyes are feeling pretty good so far. I'm allowed to drive tomorrow, which is good because I promised/bribed the little guy that if he behaved well we'd go to Australia Zoo We're gonna have fun, stopping every two hours to put eye drops in!!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post. Your supportive comments helped me a lot! :)

Now that my eyes aren't hurting and I can see - I've got to get moving and start writing all my owed fics...
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Yay! I'm back in internet land at last! Well technically I was back last night and had a lovely chat with [ profile] ladytalon1, but didn't do much else. I've spent this evening reading everyone's posts from the last few days (boy are you folks prolific!!), but tomorrow I'm off again.

Yes the day is here! I have my final assessment tomorrow morning and if everything is fine I have the procedure on my eyes in the afternoon! How quick is that?

Initially I decided to get my eyes done here (at my niece's house) cause I'd have a place to stay afterward and someone to look after me. But our dates didn't mesh too well and my niece has already gone overseas and her housemate who was going to look after me has to go somewhere. So I'm going to look after myself with assistance from the little guy. Wish us luck and hopefully I'll be back Saturday afternoon with new vision and no glasses!

EditDon't forget that bidding continues at until the 22nd September! There are lots of Firefly folk out there offering their services and the money goes to a good cause. If you've got a few spare dollars why not go and bid on someone?
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Life is kind of busy right now! Work is hectic as well as home life.

I'm off to a conference on Sunday and here it is Thursday night and I haven't got a bag out and can't remember my flight times! LOL

So what am I doing? Read more... )

Also don't forget! Bidding is still open over at Sweet Charity till September 22nd.
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I'm surprised at this - I'd always thought that it didn't :D

Seriously though - I passed the first test toward getting Laser treatment on my eyes! *bounces*

What they're planning is to make one eye for close vision and one eye for distance vision. I had to wear contacts for a couple of weeks to see if my brain could process this. And it can!!! *pats the brain*

The next step is an assessment of my eyes by the laser surgeon. I'm doing that next month when we go to the big smoke (city) for a conference. If I pass the assessment the surgeon does the procedure that day!

Cross your fingers for me. I'd really love to be able to see. Though it will be very strange. I've worn glasses or contact lenses since I was 9!!

Darn it!!

Jul. 20th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I've had a couple of very busy weeks lately and am sooo tired that I can't think. Also the cold has an adverse affect on my brain! It stops working.

This is my week for posting at [ profile] summerofjaylee but the fic I want to post first - will - not - be - finished!!! *grrr* I have others, but I wanted it to be first *sigh*.

But I'm giving up right now and posting one of my alternate stories first. I'm hoping that then I'll be inspired to finish the recalcitrant story!

I bit the bullet today and made an appointment to get my eyes assessed to see if they're suitable for laser treatment. The receptionist stunned me by saying if my eyes were suitable - I could have the procedure done that day!!!

I don't know about that *wibble*. I was planning on months of research, planning and saving before I got to the next step...
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My eyes have given out for the evening. Why couldn't I not see during the most boring 3 hour meeting ever this morning??? No I have to not be able to see to read or write fic! *grrr*

I'm on my second day of waiting for my new glasses, cross your fingers I get them back tomorrow. The useless prescription glasses I'm wearing over my contact lenses are not doing what they're supposed to and my eyesight is intermitent at best. When I take the lenses out I can't see at all...


May. 11th, 2007 01:01 pm
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Except for having to go to work to discuss the budget I've been having a nice holiday. But this week has been a bit disheartening in some ways. Nothing big - just annoyances that all add up...

The budget process is over again for another year at work - and yet again I got refused my fourth member of staff. *sigh* That's the fifth year running...

After a year of floating prescriptions, sore eyes and contact lenses that don't work, I'm giving up.Read more... )

I am trying to save for the Browncoat cruise here! I've paid for the actual cruise (luckily) and have booked my airfare. I was hoping to start paying it off this week - but it'll have to wait.

Then I was all set to try my hand at making some fanvids. I've been really looking forward to it too and practised using Windows Movie Maker and was all ready to start.
Read more... )

During my holidays I was hoping to actually finish Them that choose it, but haven't written a word of that or (sorry [ profile] ceslas Unexpected.

But on the bright side I have written some original fic I'm hoping to enter in a competition and some of my other Firefly and Adam-centric character fics.

And lastly for [ profile] mercsgoodgirl and anyone else interested; here is a picture of what I imagine Lion the kitten looks like... Read more... )
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I can see! I can see! *dances*

After nearly three months of viruses, running eyes, blurred vision and playing soccer in my glasses, my eyes have settled down and I can see again!

I wore my new lenses for the whole day yesterday and they went well. They lasted an afternoon at the beach and everything. The real test is today at work. Looking at the computer and sitting in the air conditioning – cross your fingers for me!!!

We had a beautiful afternoon at the beach yesterday afternoon.

Read more... )

For two years at least I have been agitating for a coffee machine at work. It seemed to me an easy way to raise a little money and offer an additional service to our customers and since we share a space with TAFE (a community college) I saw a ready made market going begging.Read more... )

It's 47 days till I leave for the States! OMG!! New York first. Any recommendations? Then I'm driving I think to [ profile] squish_67's place and then Flan!! I really can't wait.


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