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Using a Mac is like learning a new language! But I tell you, when I have money, I'll be buying one for myself. I'm totally converted.

But to my question -

How on earth do I save pics from pic spams etc? I figure making icons is a great way to learn Photoshop, but I need pics to do that with.

Probably it's something really simple :D
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I am around, but my computer is still dead and reading and commenting on the iPod limits me somewhat!

But I'll need something to do during the upcoming 10 days off. Especially when the weather is at 87-95% humidty and the daily temp is 35 (95) or higher.


Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.

*sad face*

Nov. 20th, 2011 08:36 am
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Well I think my computer, which has been limping along for the past six months, has finally bitten the dust.

There were 6 blue screens in a row last night and this morning I get a message that it won't recognise the hard drive and the compy just keeps rebooting :(

I'm using the LG's computer at the moment (he's asleep!) but it doesn't have any of my programs on it and strangely enough I would prefer he use it for his school work. I'm so broke this year I don't know when I can get one for myself.

Of course this would happen when I'm contemplating Yuletide, reccing at [ profile] crack_van and want to do things!!

So if my attention is sporadic for the next few weeks you will know why!
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One aspect of the pernicious anemia is that the last 2 weeks before my three-monthly B12 shot comes along, my memory is shot. Read more... )

Anyway this is my convoluted way of telling folks that I've changed my email address. After my gmail was hacked, I eventually got back into my account, but wasn't getting any mail. Also my contact list was all kerfuffled. So after Google's totally unhelpful suggestions I just gave up and started a new account. I had that mail address for damn near 8 years! The new address is bookaddictforty3 at gmail dot com if you want to write to me :) I guess The Signal admin definitely needs to know this.

My computer is staggering along, periodically suffering the blue screen of death; freezing unexplicibly and generally dying. The other day it shut down while I was syncing my iPod and cleared all my songs off and PaintShop won't start anymore. *sobs* So I'm trying to save up for a new compy. Are any of my flist out there using Mac's? And if so - do you like them?
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My computer is still doing weird things! I get the blue screen of death at least once a day and something that makes everything disappear into a conglomeration of pixels and something else that freezes everything et al...

I've been back to the shop three times because I paid for them to fix it and they haven't. The last time they go 'oh we don't know what to do but maybe it's some of your weird programs' (iTunes, PaintShop etc) and merrily start disabling them without asking me first. When I got home and things were just like before I enabled everything again and now PaintShop won't work!! I've tried everything and since I downloaded the program years ago don't know if I can reinstall :( So no icons for awhile I guess, since I can't afford a new program.

Here's a couple a made from LOLCats just before the accident. Snag if you like them :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks to all my flisters who wished me luck in the last job interview. I'm pretty sure I didn't get it since I haven't been contacted. I take pleasure in knowing that I was one of the four people short-listed and will keep on applying regardless.

I really feel I want to move on. I've been here 17 years as of September and I was coming for 5 originally. Of course lots of things conspired to keep me here, but if I'm's the time. So I've applied for another position - cross those fingers for me!!
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Or this month's romance titles, catalogued today -

Dante's ultimate gamble
Stranded with the prince
The baby's bodyguard
Come to me
A rancher's brand of justice
Mr and mischief
Alessandro's prize
Captain Corcoran's hoyden bride
His Cinderella bride
My lady innocent
Against all enemies
The brooding stranger
Wife in the shadows
Passion and the prince
For duty's sake
Small town marriage miracle
Melting the Argentine doctor's heart

There was a Count, a Prince, the inevitable sheikh, and a reclusive billionaire in this month's selection and not an ordinary guy to be seen anywhere :D

Check out the synopsis and cover art for Wife in the shadows.


I was so excited to go pick up my computer today. I got home logged on and it crashed 3 times in a row! It's back to the shop tomorrow and demanding my money back :(

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Check out Martin Freeman in Hobbit costume!! *hugs him*

In case you're wondering where I computer is sick,sick, sick and at the shop. I'm crossing my fingers the problem is repairable and reasonably priced. I really can't afford a replacement right now :(

Since PaintShop is on that computer, I'm suffering graphics withdrawal. I haven't made an icon in at least 2 weeks! And there's been some great pictures at [ profile] jim_and_bones too. *mourns*

I'm sneaking this post on the LG's tiny netbook while he's taking a homework break, but have been mostly reading the flist from my iPod. Reading is fine, but typing anything of length? I'm not so good at that :)


Oct. 14th, 2009 08:00 pm
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We're home from our recent Library conference and glad to be back and catching up with the flist. *waves to flist* *huggles*

The LG spent hours upon hours in the pool at the hotel we stayed at and hopefully will be tired enough to sleep at the appropriate time tonight :) And I am setting up my new laptop...

The old one cracked at the hinges and refused to dispense anything via the screen anymore :( So I'll be ringing the insurance guys tomorrow and hope they'll pay me some money to cover the cost of the new laptop I've already bought!! *crosses fingers* It's also off to the computer shop and the hope they can retrieve my hard drive.

Until then no icons can be may made and it's the last week of [ profile] firefly_rumble. Also I'm going to have to resurrect my Big Bang fic from the outline I sent to the mod! *wibbles* I'm supposed to have most of the 20,000 words written by 23rd Oct and I wrote quite a lot at the conference due to lack of internet - now it's in limbo :(

Also apologies in advance to [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowritings for the delay in return of beta'ed fic - since it's on the old computer too.

But I have a new, faster computer with a larger memory. It came with Vista (yuck), but with automatic upgrade to Windows7 when it's released. I can't wait :) *is a geek*
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I was going to do a meme with gorgeous guys, but all my links are on my regular laptop and it has stopped working!! It just won't turn on. Everything is on there!!! *freaks*

Thank god I emailed my current story and surf club secretary stuff to work this morning! I've tried all the trick I know but it's still moribund. Paying for my computer to be fixed right now is not in my plans :(
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It seems my laptop laments were premature!!!

I just tried the brilliant [ profile] ladytalon1's suggestion of taking the battery out and re-inserting it. The first time nothing happened, but the second time it did!!! :D

They're doesn't seem to be anything missing either, only the calendar thingy and clock are wrong.

Now on our little holiday in Cairns I can work on my owed fics and vids!!!!

Thanks to all for your good wishes and such *cuddles*. You're a great flist!
Have a great Boxing Day to those of you who celebrate it!!!

*Hugs LadyT till she can't breath*


Dec. 26th, 2007 08:25 pm
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I bought the little guy an MP3 player for Christmas, it's our first ever in the house. So I read the instructions, put the battery in and plugged it into my computer ready to download songs...

My computer turned off! I have nothing - nada - zip!!!

I looked at it and pressed the start button - nothing. I unplugged it and plugged it back into a different point - nothing. I tried it without the electricity (it's a laptop) - nothing!!!!! I left it alone and went outside for a bit, but that didn't work either. My you beaut, only 6 months old computer Will. Not. Work. *grrrrrrrr*

All my stuff is on there. I have things on disc from when I swapped over 6 month back, but not my other things. Half-done chapters of Letters, Them that choose it and Chrysalis, plus my serenity_santa fic which I finally had an idea for are on there. As are the two vids I'm working on...

The computer shop in town is closed till the 2nd. Even if they were open, they're not exactly fast at repairing things. But we're going to Cairns tomorrow so I'm hoping I can persuade the mobile computer guys to come to the motel, or find a computer place that is open.

This is my convoluted way of saying that I may be late with my Sweet Charity fic and vid, I'm very sorry for that.

Cross your fingers that the PTBs are kind to me and I both get my computer fixed and don't loose anything from the hard-drive. Pleeeeeeeeease?


May. 11th, 2007 01:01 pm
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Except for having to go to work to discuss the budget I've been having a nice holiday. But this week has been a bit disheartening in some ways. Nothing big - just annoyances that all add up...

The budget process is over again for another year at work - and yet again I got refused my fourth member of staff. *sigh* That's the fifth year running...

After a year of floating prescriptions, sore eyes and contact lenses that don't work, I'm giving up.Read more... )

I am trying to save for the Browncoat cruise here! I've paid for the actual cruise (luckily) and have booked my airfare. I was hoping to start paying it off this week - but it'll have to wait.

Then I was all set to try my hand at making some fanvids. I've been really looking forward to it too and practised using Windows Movie Maker and was all ready to start.
Read more... )

During my holidays I was hoping to actually finish Them that choose it, but haven't written a word of that or (sorry [ profile] ceslas Unexpected.

But on the bright side I have written some original fic I'm hoping to enter in a competition and some of my other Firefly and Adam-centric character fics.

And lastly for [ profile] mercsgoodgirl and anyone else interested; here is a picture of what I imagine Lion the kitten looks like... Read more... )
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[ profile] squish_67 gave me a neat plot bunny the other day for Corresponding notes which I finally sat down and started writing last night.

Tonight I'm nearly finished and the computer freezes everything! I do all the endless end now and do you want to save this document stuff and it didn't!!! I've got the stuff from about an hour ago - but nothing since, and I wrote so much in that time (it all came together at once) *mourns*. It's nearly midnight so I'm going to bed and hope I can remember the rest in the morning *sigh*.


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