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You know what the beloved [ profile] cheshire_monkey sent me for Christmas???

The Shepherd's Tale!!. *hugs [ profile] cheshire_monkey till she's blue in the face*!

It's a great version too - hard cover, glossy pages...I can't wait to get home and read it!

I didn't send anything to anybody this year :( But will try to do better this year :)
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free glitter -

Your card came and it made my day!!! I feel the same...*mega hugs*
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I finally managed to get some mangoes that either the birds or bats haven't eaten! They're yummy too *mmmmmmmm*. Even though the crop isn't half as good as last year, I'll still be freezing some in the end. Mangoes for a whole year! *bounces* I still have some frozen from last year and am contemplating making chutney with them...because I have 4 glorious weeks off!!!!!!!

So maybe I'll catch up with the beta'ing I owe poor [ profile] tygermama & [ profile] sparrowritings. I feel so guilty ladies, that I haven't finished this. Life has just caught up with me the last few months :(

But right now I'm madly trying to finish my big bang fic - there's two days left of the week I'm supposed to post it in! Cross your fingers for me? *begs*

This year I am waaay too broke and disorganised to be sending cards :( But I love my flisters, so post a prompt and fandom I write and I'll write you something.

And just to remind you...behind the cut is the [ profile] serenity_santa info. We have 4 or 5 sign-ups so far but could do with more :D Read more... )
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I got home Christmas Eve to the lovely Christmas card you sent!!!!!! *cuddles*

I loved the drabble - it was awesome :)

Hope you have a lovely day...

I got terribly slack with my cards. Hopefully some have arrived - but some I haven't even sent! But they will come - hope you all enjoy them!!!!! *hugs you all*
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Christmas Comments -

*blows kisses*

Hope it's a wonderful one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Christmas is fast approaching and I have done nothing!!!!! I bought some cute Australian type Christmas cards to send my flisters and now can't find them; and my mother is due for her annual visit on Wednesday and the house looks like a bomb hit it!

Now my mum doesn't expect spotless house-keeping from me ever. She knows her daughter well. But both she and I do have a level of cleanliness I aspire to. And I haven't met it!!!! God knows if I can squeeze in any cleaning these next few days either *sigh* and I want to have the sunroom clean before putting up the Christmas decorations...

Though, in happier thoughts - My mum is going to be here till March! *dances* Yes I know you think it's weird. A 46 year old still wanting her mum, but I love having her here and look forward to it every year. Usually she only comes for about 4 or 5 weeks, but this year is going to stay till we go down South for the State Titles for Surf Club.

There's nothing like being premature! We don't even know that the little guy, although everyone in the club assures me he will, will get into the Titles. On the basis of that, I've booked accommodation and bought airfares already. Cross your fingers for us!

Check out behind the cut for a look at a very rare moment Read more... )


Dec. 24th, 2007 01:03 pm
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Our Christmas Eve rush is over! *wipes brow*. It's 1.00pm and only the die-hard internet users are here. Even our resident children have disappeared and we are thankful :D

People were lined up at the door this morning for two reasons.

1. They wanted to get all their messages done and be home out of the heat. (yesterday it was 36 degrees celsius (96.5), with accompanying humidity).


2. They had to get their book fix because, OMG!, we're closed for 10 days!

Now I love books as much as the next man, check out my user name for god's sake, but some people act as if they're throats are cut when we announce the annual closing...So this morning we had people taking out the maximum amount of loans allowed, people asking for extensions, people desperately asking for more than 2 dvds at a time and people bringing us Christmas gifts :)

Our lovely customers have supplied us with enough eatables to make our drinks after work a real party!!!

I'll be thinking of you all while I have my one (I'm always the driver) alcoholic drink of the season!

Now I'm off to write, sneakily of course, the Pr0n Chadrea I've been promising [ profile] ladytalon1 fic as well!!!
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The UV index is 17 today. Since the extreme rating is 10 and above, I can safely say that it is sizzling out there! I went out for 5 minutes to the post office and swear I could hear my skin cooking. I'm hoping my mother remembers to make the little guy wear his sun-shirt when they go swimming.

Do you realise it's the 20th today? (well in some places)

I haven't even thought about my serenity_santa assignment and everyone else has done those lovely little teaser gifts...

My Sweet Charity recipients are still waiting. Sorry girls *sheepish smile*.

There's my prompts for [ profile] nerd_herder and [ profile] chuck_slash too, *gulp* and also [ profile] fireflyholidays, I want to write something for that...

The Christmas cards are being sent tomorrow - so everyone consider them post Christmas wishes :) and [ profile] ladytalon1's birthday gift is going to be late *huggles her*.

I still haven't finished Christmas shopping and I have an eye appointment tomorrow morning! It's 3 months since I can see! *dances* And I love it more every day...

How's everyone else doing?
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Woot! The mods at [ profile] serenity_santa are running the Christmas exchange again this year.

The idea - you list what Firefly/Serenity things you would like for Christmas; fics, vids, or icons and what you might be able to provide back. The mods then match you up and an exchange ensues.

I had such a good time both giving and recieving last year - why not give it a try?

Happy times

Jan. 6th, 2007 08:42 pm
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I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday. Thank you to [ profile] maantre and [ profile] cheshire_monkey for the beautiful Christmas cards, they really brightened my day! Thanks too for the beautiful photos and the pretty crane. I love getting letters in the mail and hope to reciprocate soon! *hugs*


Dec. 25th, 2006 09:29 pm
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Thank you all for making this last year so great. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! *hugs to all*


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