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We're back from our little trip down south and pleased to be home. It took me two days to recover from my endless trips up and down the sand, but we did have great fun. The little guy enjoyed the real waves immensley and he and his friend got some good experience of their first state titles. The place I picked to stay was awesome, it was close to everything and reasonably priced. I'm thinking we might take my mother there for a holiday at the end of the year...I was hoping to go on the Second Browncoat cruise but...

When I hadn't heard anything, I suspected it; but I've just had an email confirming the 2nd Firefly/Browncoat cruise is cancelled :(

The first reason was the current financial crisis which I understand; but the second reason was the perception of possible lack of safety in Mexico? I haven't heard anything about Mexico on the World news - can anyone enlighten me?

It's doubtful whether I would have had the money I guess (though for OS trips I usually can scrape and save :)), because I've just bought a new car. After years of cramming stuff into my little Yaris, I've given in and bought myself a dual cab ute (truck). It's so big! I'm still getting used to parking it and it won't fit under the decorative fascia on the carport. So I'm going out there with a crowbar to see if I can remove it! :D

I've switched the car to the house loan, so even though it's a more expensive car I'm saving $164 a fortnight! Time to save!! That is if the Little guy's sporting endeavours don't send me broke...
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So behind the cut is the picture of her and Ron on the cruise (day three)Read more... )
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This post's a bit more travely than the last two. There's lots of scenery description ahead.

Read more... )
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Pictures and rambling behind the cut! Hope you enjoy :D

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Due to total verboseness - I'll post these reports in chunks. There's quite a few pictures, and as usual, I think they're a bit too big - sorry to those on dial-up...

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Yes today is the day! I'm off down to the hotel soon where all the Browncoats will depart for the cruise terminal - I'm so excited! *bounces*

I've been here in San Diego since Wednesday nightRead more... ) So I mostly stayed indoors and read books until it was time to go to early registration for the cruise at the Marriott.

It was great to see so many Browncoats already lined up and waiting for their tickets and it was even better to recieve them!!! I now really believe I'm going on the cruise :DRead more... )

After my cruise, then I'm off to visit the wonderful [ profile] cheshire_monkey. I just can't wait!

See you all soon *waves*...
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Here I am at Narita airport on the next leg of my trip and whiling away the time till my plane leaves for LA. The Yahoo cafe here is offering free internet, so I'm attempting to catch up with my flist and email the little guy etc. Any strange punctuation blame on the Japanese keyboards...I keep pressing the wrong things.

Read more... )

So now I have a nine hour flight to LA and then the train to San Diego arriving Wednesday afternoon finally. Talk to you all then :)

On the way

Nov. 26th, 2007 10:06 pm
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Here I am, finished the first leg of my journey. The six hour train trip to Cairns. It's actually only a 3 hour drive from my place and I was supposed to drive first thing tomorrow and park at my neighbour's sisters' place but that fell through. (Next time I want to try and meet up with my Cairns flister! she knows who she is :)) So I caught the train instead.

I've never caught it coming this way before, and besides the slowness, it was great. No stress with roadworks on the road and time to sleep :) I seem to be awfully tired somehow. I also had time to read a book and write a bit of my story, which isn't finished yet, sorry [ profile] ladytalon. It will be soon I promise...

Tomorrow I'm off to the airport and on to my flight to LA. The flight goes via Japan and I'm actually going to get to spend time out of the airport! *bounces* I may freeze to death though - it's very cold for me about 8 degrees celsius and I don't have enough warm clothes :) No doubt I'll get by...

Stay tuned sometime Tuesday for a further report. Maybe the airport at Narita will have a fast internet connection where I can download some photos!
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I picked up my tickets today! *does the ticket dance* Only 25 days till I leave now - the time is getting closer and I still have much to organise. They've added a few more VIPs to the line-up, so things are looking good too. I still wish for more BDHs but we can't have everything I guess. It just gives me an excuse to go to another con sometime :D

It's been 5 weeks since my eye changeRead more... )

Today after work the little guy and I went for a swim and there were actually enough waves to go body surfing!!Read more... )

I've lost 14(30.8lbs, the point 8 is important! *nods*) kilos now and am working towards losing the last 6. If I lose them I've made my target!!! *cross your fingers*

Also don't forget [ profile] serenity_santa exchange is still open. It's a great chance to both give and recieve fic, vids, icons about the 'Verse.

The WIPs are still just that, but I'm working on them and hope to post some soon

2 months!

Sep. 27th, 2007 04:22 pm
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I'm so excited and can't believe that it's exactly 2 months today till I fly off to America and the Browncoat Cruise!!. And although I'm far from organised - I've now paid for my airfare, train to San Diego and booked the accommodation for me and [ profile] ceslas for before and after the cruise.

I fly via Japan, believe it or not, and will end up with almost a day stopover. I've never been further than the airport and it's adjacent hotels before so I'm planning a lightening(?) raid on this district in Tokyo.

It's going to be weird going without the little guy, I'll probably miss him like crazy, but I'm so looking forward to actually being fancy free again for awhile :)

I'm home!

Sep. 24th, 2007 10:52 pm
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I'm home, I'm home...*yawn*. I had good intentions of writing fic and answering comments but the bed is calling and I must answer :D

Updates on eyes and our visit to Australia Zoo tomorrow - I have one day off left! *twirls*

But just one excited note! I paid for my airfare today!!!!!! It's been booked for ages and today was final payment day - and I did it. Now I'm officially broke, what with paying for my eyes and the airfare - next year I'm not going anywhere!! (that's what I always say mind you :))
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It's getting closer!!! :D

Airfare: Booked (not paid for)
Train: Booked and paid for!
Accomodation before cruise: Booked and paid for!

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It's winter and for those of us who live here it's freezing!

I can see all you who live in cooler areas laughing right now! *grins* But today it was Max 22 (72), minimum 10 (50) and I'm wearing long sleeves, my heavy woollen jumper, two pairs of socks and am currently freezing in the lounge room. This cold weather usually only lasts a couple of weeks, but it always reminds me why I moved here.

I hate the cold! Since I think anything under 26 (79) degrees is cold, that rules out a goodly portion of the world LOL and brings me to my current thoughts...

Like I'm going on the Browncoat cruise in December and although all the literature said it would be warm; I looked up the temperatures for San Deigo in December - and I'm going to be cold! Possibly freezing! And although Mexico may be a little warmer - for me it won't be enough. I'll be the only person on the cruise wearing winter clothes *sigh*.
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Check out the promo for the cruise!!!

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The Browncoat cruise is getting closer. Well not that close, it's in December. But to get a decent flight I have to make my plans way ahead...

I've booked and paid for my train fare from LA to San Diego! Yay! It makes the trip seem much closer somehow.

I've also booked my airfare, but haven't paid yet (thank god for payment plans!). I got a flight from Cairns to LA via Japan and actually end up with a day in Tokyo! Although I've been through the airport there approximately 1000 times (exaggeration here), I've never been outside except to the overnight hotel. Since I have a whole day I'm planning to do a whirlwind tour. Anyone with hints or tips on Tokyo and what to see in only one day?


May. 11th, 2007 01:01 pm
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Except for having to go to work to discuss the budget I've been having a nice holiday. But this week has been a bit disheartening in some ways. Nothing big - just annoyances that all add up...

The budget process is over again for another year at work - and yet again I got refused my fourth member of staff. *sigh* That's the fifth year running...

After a year of floating prescriptions, sore eyes and contact lenses that don't work, I'm giving up.Read more... )

I am trying to save for the Browncoat cruise here! I've paid for the actual cruise (luckily) and have booked my airfare. I was hoping to start paying it off this week - but it'll have to wait.

Then I was all set to try my hand at making some fanvids. I've been really looking forward to it too and practised using Windows Movie Maker and was all ready to start.
Read more... )

During my holidays I was hoping to actually finish Them that choose it, but haven't written a word of that or (sorry [ profile] ceslas Unexpected.

But on the bright side I have written some original fic I'm hoping to enter in a competition and some of my other Firefly and Adam-centric character fics.

And lastly for [ profile] mercsgoodgirl and anyone else interested; here is a picture of what I imagine Lion the kitten looks like... Read more... )
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Since the announcement of the StarFury event people already booked for the cruise have been a bit worried so this is good news

Ron Glass Confirmed!
Cruise price cut by whopping $400!
March 24, 2007

Maybe some more of my flist might think on it now???Read more... )

Price comparisons and such are available on the News page at The Browncoat cruise website.

Of course I'm hoping one of the other BDHs will be Adam - keep your fingers crossed!
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The second confirmed guest for the Browncoat Cruise is Michael Fairman!!

From the website:-

February 25, 2007

Great news everyone - we have our second official guest! Michael Fairman aka Adelai Niska will be torturing....I mean entertaining the Browncoats. More guests will be announced soon. - Brian

"I'm anticipating that being at sea with the Browncoats on this cruise would be like rocketing the Serenity to ...oh...where...ah yes...Skyplace!!! Where they will all immediately become my prisoners. They will learn that Niska can be fun -- with good food, the sea and the stars, they will discover that it will be five days of delightful torture.

I am so excited by the prospect of spending time with this pack of joyous souls I've nearly wet myself. Believe it or not after meeting a swarm of them in England and in Los Angeles, they've made me believe I have a heart; that I'm capable of even... affection. I look forward to their energy, their comradeship and their spirit of fun."

- Michael

I missed him at B3 since I had to take the little guy back to the hotel - so I'm very pleased...


Feb. 16th, 2007 11:31 pm
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Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone!

Sorry I'm a bit late - things have been hectic at work this week. Thanks to all those who sent greetings to me and special thanks goes to [ profile] cheshire_monkey who sent me a virtual gift, *hugs her*.

I also just realised I haven't commented on all the wonderful comments to The Cupid Caper - so sorry. I will comment I promise -'cause I just love the recognition!!

The next chapter of Bedevil is up over at [ profile] ff_roundrobin. If you like Mal/Jayne go read - tell me what you think.

My payment finally went through for the Browncoat Cruise, so now I feel like I'm really going. Can anyone tell me what the weather might be like down the coast of California in December?

I did it!

Feb. 4th, 2007 09:37 pm
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Yes I've bought my ticket for the Browncoat cruise! After weeks of waiting the reservations page came back online and I booked it!! Oh boy *wipes brow*. The Early Bird special lasts till February 14th for those who want to know and there's a payment plan as well.

Now I have approximately 9 months to make sure that the little guy will behave for my mother while I'm gone!! Wish me luck in that respect - he's been a trifle naughty these last few weeks.

For those of you who read Mal/Jayne, I've posted my chapter of the round robin fic Bedevil and would love some comments.


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