Nov. 20th, 2011

*sad face*

Nov. 20th, 2011 08:36 am
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Well I think my computer, which has been limping along for the past six months, has finally bitten the dust.

There were 6 blue screens in a row last night and this morning I get a message that it won't recognise the hard drive and the compy just keeps rebooting :(

I'm using the LG's computer at the moment (he's asleep!) but it doesn't have any of my programs on it and strangely enough I would prefer he use it for his school work. I'm so broke this year I don't know when I can get one for myself.

Of course this would happen when I'm contemplating Yuletide, reccing at [ profile] crack_van and want to do things!!

So if my attention is sporadic for the next few weeks you will know why!
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Isn't it strange? After saying I may not post too often, a few hours later I'm posting again!!

Anyway cross your fingers for me. I'm sending off two more job applications tomorrow.

One is for a job that sounds interesting and pays a tiny bit more than what I'm currently paid. This job is in Townsville which is only (?) 110kms away, so not far to move if I'm lucky enough to get it.

The other job sounds awesome and I could do it standing on my head and the pay is about $30K more than I'm getting now. This one is in Brisbane 1498 kms away and everyone will apply for it. I'll need lots of luck to even get an interview.

There is another job coming up eventually. The original rumour was July, then August and now it's November and it's still not advertised. I'm considering ringing and asking if I can submit an Expression of Interest since this is the job I really want. What do you think flisters - is that a sensible idea?

But right now I don't care which one I get. I just want to move away and live somewhere that has more people, is by the sea and is closer to some of my family.


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