Sep. 7th, 2011

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Today my computer is recognising the WiFi, but for some reason I can't read my flist! I can individually access comms, but when I click on the Friends page - nada.

Anyway, last night when I couldn't access the Wireless from my computer I was reading on my iPod. Reading the internet on my iPod is always productive of exasperation as I get aggravated with having to make every page I go to larger and that when I do so, I end up hitting Copy everytime which dims the screen, and then I can't read anyway *pouts*. So I'm bitching about this and then I think 'self get a grip! Do you remember when...?'

The first time I ever read a fanfic was about 32 years ago, and boy was it different then.

I was 17 when someone at work handed me a much photocopied, handwritten and carbon copied stack of papers with the remark that since I liked Dr Who and reading, I might like to read it.

I took it home and started reading and it was so different and interesting - I was hooked. Despite the terrible handwriting, the story got me in and I adored it. It was Nyssa/The Keeper of Traken and as such blew my mind. After all the KOT was a statue and Nyssa 17 or younger, not a relationship possibility that (at the time) I would ever have imagined. The Dr was there being his usual self and it was all new and not finished...

I rushed back to work and found the person who gave me the story and begged for the rest. But it turned out her cousin hadn't finished it. The cousin however sent me a zine to read and the rest is history...

How did my flisters get into fanfic and fandom in general? I'd love to know :)


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