Jul. 31st, 2011

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One aspect of the pernicious anemia is that the last 2 weeks before my three-monthly B12 shot comes along, my memory is shot. Read more... )

Anyway this is my convoluted way of telling folks that I've changed my email address. After my gmail was hacked, I eventually got back into my account, but wasn't getting any mail. None...zip...nada. Also my contact list was all kerfuffled. So after Google's totally unhelpful suggestions I just gave up and started a new account. I had that mail address for damn near 8 years! The new address is bookaddictforty3 at gmail dot com if you want to write to me :) I guess The Signal admin definitely needs to know this.

My computer is staggering along, periodically suffering the blue screen of death; freezing unexplicibly and generally dying. The other day it shut down while I was syncing my iPod and cleared all my songs off and PaintShop won't start anymore. *sobs* So I'm trying to save up for a new compy. Are any of my flist out there using Mac's? And if so - do you like them?
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The LG and I are watching Moonlight and we're on the final episode. I told him it was cancelled and there's no more. And he's all "but it can't be cancelled. The guy and that girl have to have babies like he wants."


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