Jun. 14th, 2011

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I got another job interview! This is for the job I told everyone was a bit high-faluting for me - colour me surprised :D

The interview is Friday however and a good 1400 kms away. I'm suffering from sports related lack of funds, so have to borrow money from my mother. I'd have thought at my age I'd be over that. So wish me luck! :)

Of course the LG's freaking about if I get the job. Despite copious conversations before I applied he now wonders if he can leave his friends, thinks he's too dumb to go to school down south and is in general being obstructive...

Speaking of the LG - we spent the long weekend at a football (rugby league for those who aren't Queenslanders:)) carnival. The team that won and had the most kids selected for the North Qld team were enormous! The age group is under 13, which means in the LG's team most of the kids are still twelve. He's the tallest at 172cm (5ft 7in) and the heavyest boy is about 70 kgs (154lbs)...they were dwarfed! A couple of the kids in the opposing team had moustaches! I think it freaked our kids out :D Still our guys did well. They won two and lost two and learnt some valuable lessons. The LG scored a try and copped an elbow to the eye which has resulted in a spectacular black eye. A good time was had by all :D


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