Feb. 23rd, 2011

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At last! I have full internet back!

For the past two weeks since the cyclone the internet at home hasn't been working. I've been subsisting on a couple hours a day *staggers*, courtesy of the surf club's USB wireless internet. Finally the Telstra guy actually came to the house yesterday and put everything to rights. What's more, it was no fault of mine, my house, computer etc! It was the phone line and modem - so both were fixed at no cost to me!!! *bounces madly*

Our town is slowly recovering from the cyclone. There are trees down everywhere and the main park in town was decimated. It's so strange to see some places without trees. I'm still cleaning my yard and am at the stage of needing some chain saw mojo for tidying the big trees. I want to take a chain saw course, I figure it would be useful. But it takes 2 full days, so...not this time. Though I'm so annoyed at work, I'm thinking about it *grins*. By doing the course, I get my ticket and can actually be employed as a chain saw expert! Can you picture it???

I really, really want to join the Ship Olymics being run in the Star Trek fandom, but fear I couldn't hold up my end. I'm afraid I'd be the team member the team all talk about because I fail to deliver :(

It's 3 weeks until the LG and I are off to the Junior State Titles. What with floods and cyclones he hasn't done nearly enough training. But we've bought the air fare and booked the accommodation - so we're still going. I'm looking forward to some real waves however and am going to spend at least a couple of hours in the sea :D


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